#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Dare to Savor It

I'm in Tucson right now, writing this sitting pool side in some beautiful weather. It's gorgeous here right now, not too hot, just a light breeze - all good. I'm here for some meetings with colleagues, a client and my private master mind group. We get together about every 6 months to work on our businesses, flush out ideas, put strategies in place, etc. I've been a part of these types of groups since 2003 in one way or another and find the space that gets created as a group highly productive!

For this trip I came in a day early to get some writing done, prepare for meetings and work on the release of our up and coming Power Pack Program. And as I sit here, noticing how fast I've been moving the last week, the thing that strikes me is the word "savor." Savor the sunshine, savor this poolside working space, savor the delicious dates I picked up from Whole Foods on the way, savor the short phone discussion I just had with a good friend, savor the preparation of getting ready for this next week, savor the anticipation of the days to come (and that body work I have booked at 5:00 in service of self-care and "clearing the space" for a productive week!) Savor all of it. It seems "savor" is another form of being fully engaged, but to me, the word "savor" adds a bit more presence and delight to everyday actions and simple events we so often can take for granted, rush through, or even resent.

So take a pause. Check out what you have on your agenda for the rest of the day, and savor it. See how it shifts the experience for you, and see how it impacts your "being" - even making the "doing" more effective and rewarding.

Speaking of savoring - I'm about to release a big article on mindset, well-being and leadership this week. If you'd like to receive it, make sure you register in that little box on the right (name/email.)

Savor it. //anese