Leadership Between the Lines

Back from NYC, Summer Camp For Leaders...Don't Miss It!

I'm just back from NYC where I've been meeting with clients, talking with people about "Bootism, 12 Hugs & Cupcakes," and eating really really good food. One of my visits was at the Fancy Food Show where I was able to set up some very cool treats for the Bootist Retreat. Please don't miss this event. Seriously. It is going to be a good time focused on YOU, in your life, and YOU, leading in your business. How many opportunities do you get to just work on yourself for 2 days to help your leadership become more effective and rewarding?

This is NOT your typical event. I promise. And I've not much more to say for now except that everytime I host one of these events, I do back flips to promote it, spend lots of time and energy in the promotion process, stress over copy (really!), work through peoples' decision process with them aka objections/concerns, etc., get them there, and then...They say they wish it was longer, would have loved more time to work on themselves, would be happy to spend the extra time and money to do so, and could we extend the event another day? Every single time. (Which btw I feel is a great problem to have...)

So...for this event - no backflips - I'm using my energy to plan the event and make it special for you...just come. You'll be glad you did, and a year from now, especially glad. In honor of the holiday weekend, I've extended early bird pricing through Monday the 6th - which IS a final early bird price as we need to secure the dates and the special goods for each of you. Please join me. Space is limited as are the retreat rooms, so decide and act soon. The price point is great ($777 for early bird plus great retreat room rates.) The venue is on a river with many trails, the date is 7/24 and 7/25, and there's lots to do...Just think of it as Summer Camp for Leaders! Learn more here: http://www.daretoengage.com/bootistretreat.pdf for the registration letter and information or go to http://www.daretoengage.com/events.html for a quick view.

Also, as I type, I'm working on a list of 30 reasons to come to this, to be released tonight - if you want the list and a bunch of other cool stuff - opt in on the box on your right (name and email address please.) Okay, ready? GO!!