#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

10 places to look for leading into 2012 - some a bit off the hook

Today I hosted a group of business owners, at my office in Rocklin, for my Biz 2012 Intention Event. A whole morning of reflecting on 2011, looking into 2012, and setting intentions for what we'll be celebrating and discussing NEXT year at this time. (After all, if you set INTENTIONS for what you want - and act of course, you're more likely to be celebrating those same things later.)

Some of the key themes that showed up for the day (in no particular order of importance) included:

1) leadership happens from the inside out; it's got to BE true to you and authentic (get that, and all the "doing" stuff gets easier),
2) the power of allies and leverage (after all, no one will do it for you - but you can't do it alone),
3) appreciation and learning for "failures/I-want-a-do-over-moments" of 2011,
4) best practices mined from the wins of 2011,
5) the power of energy leadership in creating business success (who knew pantries and clothes' closets could impact business leadership so significantly? Seriously. Or that the vibe you bring to the table can make or break a business?),
6) we're all our own best guru - we generally know what we need to do and intuitively what is "right" for us - sometimes we just need the "thoughtful space"/time/support/education/accountability/leverage to make the plan happen,
7) the power of a really good and clear "why" (and how that impacts marketing),
8 ) relationships that need mending/healing/nurturing/expanding in order to have personal and business peace,
9) the essential art of self care eating a good breakfast (no kidding), and,
10) the importance of visioning, strategic planning, belief, intention, and...ya...execution.

There's a sneak peak into some of the topics buzzing around my meeting space this a.m. Which of these resonate for you? Which of these crave attention? Some of these may seem obvious or "oh, ya, I already know that" - but wait - don't go there. Stop. Breathe. Take a deeper look. Give yourself the space to consider what you want/need to play better, and then look a little deeper. There is magic in the depths. Dive in. Get in front of it. And have an amazing New Year...