#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Are you "becoming"?

It's an active state...the act of becoming. Stepping further and further into yourself, becoming more and more of the person/spirit/sage/parent/leader/writer/friend/salsa dancer you want to be. It is an active act. And if done intentionally, a really powerful one.

Who will you "become" in 2012? I notice that as 2011 comes to an end and 2012 is around the bend, people (present company included) talk about what they will "do" in 2012, what they want to "have" by the end of 2012, what goals and intentions they will set. They break it into quarters and months and fiscal years. Draw charts and vision boards, mind map it, set up accountability systems, all sorts of cool stuff. It's juicy. And important. And powerful...

Want an even juicier place to look? Who will you become in 2012?

Becoming is different. It's bigger than what you'll do or what you'll have - because it's who you are. It's you - at your core - no lies, no facades, just you. We're always becoming something - how intentional we are about it determines the outlook that we'll bring to the table and the level of success we'll have. And here's the really cool thing, the size of the game you play determines who you will become - so play big. Real big. Set those New Year's intentions, and goals, and outcomes...go on, do it - it's so good to do. And in the process, check in - who will you become?

Are the goals and outcomes you're designing for yourself big enough to make you play a bigger game? Big enough to challenge you to become an even bigger version of your big beautiful self? Big enough to challenge you to DO more great things, and to BEcome even more??? Are they? If not, go back, dream big - and act.

Want examples of what this might look like? Have examples? Chime in and we'll go from there.

To becoming.