#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Bigger Questions and Bigger Games Lead to Changes...

For someone, with a high value in connection and quality, I only work with a small number of people privately at a time. I do this in order to give my clients the amount of TLC, time and energy I feel good about, to take care of my own psychic and physical energy, and to leave room for the other things I love to do in my life.

I also love working with small groups and teams and speaking to larger groups as I love the energy, connection and learning that takes place in community.

I love to write and design and be creative. I love to spend quality time with family and friends. I love to get my workouts in and have "white space." And I love to contribute...among many other things that I love to do. Put this all together, continue to add to the list, and before you know it - the cup is full. When my cup gets full, and I start to "feel" it - it's time for bigger questions.

I won't take you through my process, but I will share some of the areas of question I ask myself about when I do a "self-check-in". While I'm dying to give you the actual questions here and then hope that you'll use them, and hope that they'll serve you, and hope that they'll create the best result for you, and hope hope hope...I've found that these kinds of questions truly need follow up, accountability and a high level of value, personal investment, and hunger going in, for best results, so I won't. That said, if you are a private client, or in one of my programs, email me, and I'll send the questions on to you.

Here are some of the areas to explore in asking the bigger questions:

Values | Congruency | Vision | The Right Path vs. the Should Path | Time and Energy | Highest Purpose | Life Enhancing Relationships | Life Enhancing Environment

Great places to look. And an amazing way to "GET QUIET" and sort through all the garbage and frenzied energy that so easily creeps into one's life when busy.

While some shifts are still being unfolded and refined, here are a couple of things I know for sure:

Private Client Work:

I will have space for 2 new Private Intensive Clients in April. These spots are for high achievers and peope who sincerely want to make positive shifts in their business, life, and/or leadership (and aren't afraid to get dirty.) It doesn't matter "where you are" in your process, if you are committed and excited to work with me, I'm all over it. Let's go. If ths is you, email Gina and she will send you an application.

Group Work and Retreats:

We will be starting a "Boots on the Ground" Sponsorship process for hosting retreats and group work. If you have at least 5 people who want on-going group coaching and training sessions, or at least 10 people who want a retreat or workshop, contact me and we'll make it happen. Basically, you "sponsor" it, gather your colleagues, customers and employees (or whoever), and then I show up. This ensures that the right people are there and that we all save our great energy for getting our boots on and getting good stuff done! So far we have interest in NYC and in SF. Interested? Email us if you're interested in hosting an engagement.

The Bootist Leadership Review (BLR) Articles & Action Plans

The articles, like the one above that you receive from me every month, will be much shorter moving forward...more of a series of "tips" and "ideas" to support readers - "boot/talk". These are to help us stay engaged and provide value to you on a consistent basis and will be continue to be offered with my compliments.

We are also currently working on a BLR Subscription Program to provide access to more extensive articles and actual "make it real" action plans and audios for those of you who want to dive into this work on a deeper level and make it more tangible.

Of course you will have access to my blog as well for now, and this new level of service will provide special information and self-paced "coaching" and implementation (and accountability! Woohoo!) in a cost effective manner. Stay tuned!

While some of these shifts are still in process, and being refined, all of them are being made with the intention of providing an even better and more efficient level of service and results for our clients. Delightfully, these shifts will also support my team, and myself, in keeping our own energy high, engaging in activities that are the best and most productive use of us, and giving all of us (you, me, clients, team, family, etc.) the best ROI on our time, energy, emotional, financial, and spiritual investments!