#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Bikram, Bootism & Promises to Self...

I was in my Bikram Yoga class this a.m. and as often happens parallels for Bikram and Bootism™ shot up throughout my compressing, stretching, sweating, and breathing. The instructor today said --- “If you’re not pushing yourself hard enough, you’re not getting the full benefits of doing the work.” To which my mind went to…”Yes, and if I’m going to spend the 90 minutes doing it, I might as well get the full benefit and push lovingly hard.” (My personal aha here was that I’ve been slacking in the last couple of classes – letting my mind wander, not pushing myself to the full extent, etc. - and wondering why my progress has slowed down, and why I wasn’t enjoying it as much…hmmm…mystery solved.)

What strikes me now – in it’s amazing simplicity of course – is that if we are present and giving our time or energy to do something, we might as well do it well and get the full benefit. Otherwise, what’s the point? I am going to spend 90 minutes there regardless – how much benefit I get out of it is totally up to my. My results are my doing. For this and for everything else in my life. And I notice this in well with my work with my clients and program members, if they’re not getting what they want, they’re likely not pushing as hard as they can or asking for 100% of what they want from themselves. And then it’s common to go to “I can’t do it” – “It’s not working” – “It’s too hard” – “It’s not my fault.” When they look at where they can be more intentional about what they want and what they’re going to do and HOW hard they’re willing to lean into it, they take back their power and magic happens. It’s a decision.

Which leads me to promises to self. When we agree to do something for ourselves, whether it be self-care, exercise, coaching, development, drawing a picture, whatever – we make a promise to ourselves to do it. If we don’t do it, or give it 100%, we don’t get the results, we break the promise to ourselves, and then lose self trust which is at the base of lost personal power and trust with others. Ah, yet, another virtuous cycle…Today think about what promises you’re making to yourself. Are they conscious? How are you going to ensure that you lean in 100% and make them happen? Results are just a promise – with action and full intention – away.