#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Dare to Change – Changes at DTE!

This month I went a little crazy on articles (must be DTE Spring Fever), we actually have them stacked in the hopper for release so stay tuned, you'll be receiving more over the next couple of weeks.

Why this surge of energy for writing? (As if expressing myself is a new thing? Grin.) Well, I have lots on my mind with the economy, the power of mission and mindset, and the challenges and opportunities these things provide us. This economy provides great fodder for learning and growth, and it's been humbling, inspiring and simply awesome to witness clients and colleagues stretch, create, and do some beautiful work for themselves and their organizations in turning tough times into productive ones. Despite some of the challenges we're all facing, with honesty and the right mindset and focus, it's a very exciting time to be in business!

FYI, I'll be releasing a several blog posts over the next month which will have a series of short tips and snippits for your convenience. If you want to get them, in real time, please subscribe to the RSS feed and you'll be hooked up in one click. I'm also toying with the idea of launching a hard copy newsletter which would include longer articles and more in depth resources and such, delivered to your door. Please let us know if this is something that is of interest to you and we'll make sure you're on the list.

Before I go any further, I want to talk to you about something that has been on my mind morning, noon and night lately, it's the idea of intention and mission. Of course this is another article all in itself (actually more like a book) and I offer these thoughts with the intent they remind you of something important, or spark something cool for you today. Right now, in this economy and with the dynamic nature of business, I believe it is more important (and helpful) than ever to be mission focused and intentional in our personal and business lives. (BTW, the mission is there, sometimes it just needs some love and attention.)

One of the intentions I set last year was to leverage myself and this company thoughtfully and really well in service of our business, our mission, our clients, and our own personal well-being and sustainability. So what that's looked like has been more writing, more speaking, more group work, more products & self-paced programs, and more strategic alliances that serve our clients - and their clients - all at the same time (you'll learn more about some of these later this month.)

Living from this intention and clarity is producing all sorts of opportunities that we may have overlooked before. The opportunities include new ways of serving our clients, new ways of leveraging ourselves, new ways of stepping out of comfort zones, and new ways of creating revenue.

The important thing here is the value of having a mission, setting intentions, taking care of yourself and staying on your edge. When you get clear about what you want to create and you set the intention - things show up - ESPECIALLY when it's mission focused and in service of something bigger than you (and even your company.) Having that mission focus can propel you forward and help you step out of comfort zones that may have "kept you in your own way" or slowed you down before. Especially when things are bumpy.

So as I write this, I'm curious as to how it will land for you. I'm also curious if you're clear on your mission and if so, how you're tapping into it to support and propel you forward. What is your personal mission? What is the mission of your organization? [BTW, I'll be releasing a whole series of articles, talks and seminars on mission, mindset, "mojo," and staying in action this year, if YOU need a speaker, an interviewee, or would like to participate or sponsor a group program/event, please let us know.]

What's been happening for us over here at DTE is a manifestation of lots of intention, energy, focus and mission. Some of them are definitely requiring that we step out of our own comfort zones and stay on our edge, and when we think about what it is in service of - the business, our clients, and creating our desired impact - it helps us move through it and forward. We've set some pretty ambitious goals for 2009 and 2010. One of our goals this year is to impact 10,000 people by the end of December. We're getting closer and closer - and we don't want to do it alone. Hence leverage, engagement, "paying it forward" and being willing to stay on your edge.

Speaking of staying on your edge, that's the focus of this month's article: how do you stay on your edge, individually and with your team, in this economy? Next week, you'll get one from me on mindset & self-care. So please enjoy and as always I welcome your feedback and thoughts.

Finally, if you find these articles valuable, please help us achieve one of the components of our mission by forwarding these articles on to folks you care about and inviting them to subscribe (or if you'd like us to subscribe people in your organization for you so that they too receive these articles, we're happy to, please just send us a note with a list.)Thanks!

Engage like you mean it!