#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Dare to Join In

The DTE Personal & Leadership Development Power Pack Tour has begun! I'm just back from trips on the East Coast and West Coast (and many flights) that included testing, feedback and charter memberships. If you are interested for yourself or your organization and would like a visit from yours truly to share these puppies, let me know. For those who qualify for charter membership, I'll be running around the country over the next couple of months to help folks get set up. Will I get to see you?

[AND special note on the Power Packs: Our charter member organizations will be launching their subscriptions and programs June 1st - if you would like to get in on this early, please call or email me directly. In order to participate in the June 1st launch, be a charter member, and to take advantage of the special pricing incentives, we need to have you in our system, as a member, by May 8th.]

I am going to be starting a "DTE Research Group" exploring the impact of mindset and "personal sustainability" (self-care/wellness) ON leadership and creating results. There will be tremendous benefits to anyone involved in this study and you'll have the opportunity to be a part of creating a new way of thinking in leadership and effectiveness. If you are a current or past client who'd like to be involved in this, please let me know. If you're NOT a past client, and you're interested, please let me know that also. Send us an email directly and either Gina or I'll get back to you. We're setting this up right now to launch the group in late May.

That's all for now! Thanks for being a part of DTE and for the impact you make in your business, life and on others through your unique way of being and leadership.

Remember to forward these articles on to your friends, family and colleagues if you'd like to "pay it forward" with the information! (Of course we're happy to help you with that, just send us a list.) Thanks!