#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Environment, Joy & Leadership…Are Yours In Sync?

The past couple of weeks have been very busy over here. First off, I moved into a new office - with an official "client retreat space" - which we’re calling "Bootist Headquarters". Here I can work with my clients and small groups in a very comfortable and productive setting. I'll also be able to host clients when they come into town for their private retreats with me. (In fact, the first one is coming in from the East Coast next week! She's a very special client and I'm thrilled to have her be the first in the new digs!) The new pad is in downtown St. Charles, right by the river, and surrounded by things that make me very happy; so far, so good.

Moving the office and all that goes with that, has reminded me of the importance of environment and taking care of your space so that it's something that you love being in, that works for you, and that supports you in being at your clearest and best. Your environment and the systems you have to support you (individually and as a team) are key to success in optimizing your leadership and results. The clearer and cleaner your environment, the clearer your energy, the better you feel, the better your resource state for leading and making decisions, the better the trust of those around you, the higher the joy factor, and ultimately the better the results.

I see it over and over again with my clients, and now, once again, have witnessed it first hand in a deeper level for myself. Invitation for you? (If you so choose of course!) Take a look at your environment; your home, your office, your car, your yard, your desk, your running shoes, your --- you name it, and check the energy you feel in it. Do you feel good? Clear? Clean? Is it supporting you? Where are the energy drains? Where do you feel crisp and full? Where might a little shift or a big overhaul help? Just notice. It's pretty amazing when you look at even the simplest things. (I have a story about a floor mat that almost made me crazy in 2008!)

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