#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

"Getting in front of it" with energy leadership - 3 places to look

How's your New Year coming along so far? Day 5 and I've been super aware, perhaps more now than ever, of how much power we have to support ourselves and set the tone of our lives by "getting in front of it" with energy leadership.

Three quick places to look (btw, whichever one "perks" you the most is likely the one that wants attention):

1. Physical/Environmental Energy: How's your nutrition? Your physical practice? Your "me" time and space to be present with yourself? Your physical environment? Those pantries, closets, refrigerators, cars, offices, etc. will not clean or organize themselves - but when clean and organized will give you multiple ROIs in self-care, energy management, and internal peace. I have clients who are shocked at how their environment (not to mention physical care) impacts their leadership presence and ability to influence. And it's an easy fix.

2. Mental/Emotional Energy: How are you supporting yourself mentally and emotionally in the New Year? Are you focusing on what you want, or don't want? Are you making complaints, or requests? Are you connected to what you're grateful for, or to what you don't have? Are you giving yourself full permission to have full emotions, or are you charging forward, suppressing, no time for those "unwanted" emotions? The good, the bad, and even the ugly are essential to emotional authenticity. Paying attention to where your mind goes and where you focus is key to setting yourself up mentally and energetically for a strong New Year. (Seriously, try it - I'll bet you can find 10 reasons why 2012 is rockin, and 10 reasons why it sucks - check it out. Which area of focus gives you more voooom to lead well and live well? Hmmm.)

3. Vibrational and Relational Energy: What's the vibe you're putting out there? What's the energetic impact you're creating? We're always having an impact - always. What that impact is is highly influenced by how intentional you want to be around it. Notice the energy you bring into a room. Notice the energy you bring to your relationships (especially the toughest ones), notice, shift as needed, and enjoy.

What's true for you? What are you finding serves you for "getting in front of it" and setting yourself up for success? What is the impact on your ability to lead well? Whatever it is, please share it here, please do more of it, and have a fantastic 2012!