#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Leadership in a Minute: Energy, Patience and Assumptions

This is a continuation of the on-going list of 17 "acts" for authentic living, sustainable leadership, and simply "getting out of your own way" that started on January 14th, click here to read that post.

9. Lead your energy. We're having an impact at every moment, and our emotions are a big part of that energy. The beliefs we hold, the emotions we experience, even our posture has an impact on energy – so be aware of what those are, and lead them to support positive energy.

10. Be patient. Change takes time. Healing takes time. Relationships take time. Forcing things often creates resistance, and resistance often creates pain.

11. Ask the right questions. Confused? Angry? Not progressing as you wish? Get curious. Check your assumptions. And make sure you're asking the right questions.

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