Leadership Between the Lines

Leadership in a Minute: Word of the day is "Good"

This is a continuation of the on-going list of 17 "acts" for authentic living, sustainable leadership, and simply "getting out of your own way" that started on January 14th, click here to read that post.

7. Assume good. You NEVER know what is going on for someone. I never cease to be surprised by what's truly happening in peoples' lives. Over and over again I find that what looks like "mal-intent" or a "negative" act, is truly coming from a place of unintended impact, fear, pain, or just complete unawareness of impact. Rarely do people mean to do harm.

8. Do your best to do good. Be helpful. Be in service of. A question I've found great peace in has always been "Am I helping things go right?" "Am I contributing to the solution or the problem?" I can usually find my answer very quickly. And this most often, hopefully, stirs me on the right path. In the trickiest of situations, where there are different kinds of "right", I try to follow my best sense based on what I know. Again, do your best to do good.

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