#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Leadership Rocket Fuel... Four ways to get into the "zoom zoom zone".

When I work with clients I'll often ask them to take regular "white space" for themselves. This white space is open, reflection and self-care time. It's time to think and be. To consider what they're doing and who they're becoming. To be Present. To Vision. Dream. Breathe. That's it.

This is precious space.

I also ask that they have a physical practice of some kind. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it feels good, gets them out of their head and into their body, and makes them feel alive, awake, aware, and connected to self.

In addition to their physical practice, I'll ask them to be conscious of the food they put into their body, how much they hydrate and the quality of their sleep.

Finally, I'll have them "power wash" their environment in every imaginable - and even unimaginable - way possible in order to set themselves up for success.

These four things, in my opinion, are crucial to their success as leaders. They all significantly influence the quality of their presence and "fuel". I can often estimate how successful they'll be in our work together, and how quickly they'll accomplish their intended outcomes, by how much they adhere to, and even better, embrace, my "guidelines". (In their own authentic way.)


Clarity. Purpose. And impact baby. Zoom. Zoom. You're a vehicle for change, and your machine had better be humming for all you're about to do.

You can't lead others effectively if you're burnt out, resentful, exhausted, and so overwhelmed you can't think straight.

You can't give clear direction and inspire action if you're not clear on what you want, where you need to go and why.

You're certainly not going to be as effective as possible if you're sick, "under the weather", or in a "bad food coma", all the time.

And you want respect, right? You'll garner more respect from others, the more you respect yourself.

And you want to contribute, right? You'll be able to give to others, the more you give to yourself.

In order to make powerful generous space for others, we have to make intentional space for ourselves first. And hold it. Dearly.

I think the quality and sustainability of our leadership is highly dependent on this.

Finally, a bonus... And perhaps you've noticed this before. The more grounded and clear we are for ourselves, the less validation, fluffing, and ego boosting we need from others. The less we need to fill a void or find approval from others. The confidence becomes strong, solid, quiet, healthy. And that, my friend, is a compelling energy to lead from.

Our world is full of people moving fast (I'm one of them, you?) We've lots to do. Lots. Create the space and nurture the rocket that is you - your self-care, your why, and your personal space to dream and intend for impact are your rocket fuel.

Zoom. Zoom.