#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Leading the Bootist™ Way, To Create Lives We Love

Getting what we want and creating lives we love can be a complex process, but most often not as complex as we think. I find over and over again in my work with clients a couple of very common themes. (After all, being human beings, we tend to have common threads of growth and it makes it really convenient to help us learn together.) A couple of these helpful themes are: 1) get quiet, breathe, 2) look inside for answers, trust your inner knowing, 3) directly engage, don’t waste your time in “he said/she said,” making stuff up, and gossip, 4) take excellent care of yourself in the process, and, 5) just do…after contemplation, due diligence and decision making – action must occur.

Whether I’m working with someone on their leadership, their business or their personal life, I believe that it is necessary that we look inside ourselves for answers, that we take great care of ourselves while we do it, and that we put it all to good use focusing on action, outcomes and results. There’s the “being” of life and leadership, and the “doing”….one cannot escape the other, as much as we might try or believe it can work (in a sustainable and peaceful fashion!) There’s an integration of the being and doing, and an opportunity for a very holistic approach to all of it. When we stop, implement even one or two of the five things I mention above, and move forward, we become more aware, leadership happens, our life unfolds even more. It’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve come to call the work that I do with clients and teach in seminars, “Bootism.” It’s easy to remember, offers a kicky and unique style, and it’s fun. I find that it sticks, puts a kick in one’s step, and it’s sticks because it’s congruent with the individual – after all, they choose their path, their plan, their action. It’s theirs. It’s not hard, but it’s effective. It’s not complex, but it’s powerful. And it’s not for me to say WHAT exactly it means for you, but it is yours to find.

So what is Bootism? In a nutshell think Eastern Philosophy (wellness, spirituality, joy, peace) meets Western Philosophy (business, great results, leadership, bottom lines, growth), add in "boots, hugs and cupcakes" as core secret ingredients, and you have a way of creating sustainable results, authentic leadership and joy in the process.

Here are 7 of the core Tenets of Bootism. The "Tenets" are the guiding beliefs and principles, the "Toes & Heels", not included here, are the behaviors and actions, and the "Darecteristics" (also not shown), are the values and characteristics that support Bootist Leadership™.

For more information on these, go to www.DareToEngage.com to download the paper “Leading With Boots On: The Art of Bootism, 12 Hugs, and Cupcakes”. For how to apply and make the tenets work for you, come to one of my events (next one: July 2009) www.DareToEngage.com/events.html. In the meantime, here are those Tenets…

• Tenet One: We're all on our own personal path; it's dynamic and evolving...It's yours, you lead it, you follow it.

• Tenet Two: Self awareness is key for determining who you are, what you want and how you'll get there.

• Tenet Three: Conscious energy leadership & vitality are the secret weapons to sustainable leadership.

• Tenet Four: People make the world go round...The quality of your relationships and engagement with those around you significantly impacts the quality of your leadership.

• Tenet Five: Intentional presence & mindset drives better results...Whether we acknowledge it or not, we create impact without saying a word, through our "way of being," and through our mindset.

• Tenet Six: Authentic systems, structures, and caring, co-designed relationships create the foundation to "get it done" in a more rewarding and effective way.

• Tenet Seven: Leadership is a way of being and leading is a verb. Bootism is all about leading and doing it as positively and proactively as possible to help you build a more rewarding life and a more effective organization.

Want to learn more? Sound like this could be useful to you or your organization? Join me for the retreat in July or if you're interested in booking a Bootist Talk or Event for your team, your organization, or at your next conference, contact us.

Either way, I hope to see you out there soon, paths crossed, and boots on!