#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Moving from stuck to "unstuck" & loving every minute of it...

Two things on my mind today in particular this morning. Both of which have been inspired by conversations with other hungry human beings and clients who seek to optimize their abilities to do great work and to lead really great lives and organizations.

The first is the idea of "being stuck" and procrastination...(The second is percolating and I'll write more later.) Being "stuck"...I hear about it all the time (and often even from myself!) People say "I'm stuck, blocked, stalled..." "Can you help me stop procrastinating?" "Can you help me get unstuck?" As if there is some magic bullet to move it forward....and as I write this, I realize there actually is (yay!) Of course everyone has what works for them, but here are a couple of things I see that work for myself and clients regularly when they're feeling stuck, blocked, unsure or stalled.

In no particular order of effectiveness or importance, I've listed a couple. See which ones click for you and try them out next time you're feeling stuck.

Resisting being stuck? Instead, try LOVING it. What are the gifts and the messages and the learning that you can take from being stuck? What kind of space does it actually open up or create in your life? Resistance is the quickest way I know to attract more "stuckness" - instead, try embracing it, loving it and learning from it. And/or....Take a day off. Do something TOTALLY out of the norm. Get some energy work done. Get some really great bodywork done. Sit under a tree and think about NOTHING. Do something that gets you in your body. Write about being stuck: How stuck are you? How does it feel? What's it like to be "stuck"? How vulnerable do you feel? What's it like when you're not stuck? Write it out...Call a friend (or coach) or whoever and ask them to ask you REALLY good questions. Even better, ask them to ask you really dumb questions - to be curious like a 4 year old. Pay attention to your energy. Close your eyes, connect with your body, and see if you can "feel" where your energy might be stuck. Once you find it, "ask" it to move and then imagine it actually moving out. (Yes this last one may seem a bit out there...but trust me, it works.) Finally, another sure fire way I know to get out of my own way, is to be of service to someone else. To find out how I can be helpful to them. What they need. And then focus my energy and attention there for a bit. Magically, once this is done, and I've forgotten about my stuckness for a while, things seem to open up!

So...See what works for you. Make up your own. And let me know how it goes! To enjoying and embracing "stuck", loving the learning, "sticking" together, and moving forward...