#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Remembering those things that are in our power

Simple leadership musings from the trenches: what we can control

There's very little we have control over - so best to "bust a move" where we can create impact and set ourselves up for success, becoming the best "instrument of change" possible. Some of these places include: how we take care of our bodies, the food we eat, the visions we create for ourselves (on our own authentic paths), how we show up in relationships, how we treat people, what we say "yes" to and "no" to that nurtures our spirit, and of course the good ole fashioned basics of saying "Please, thank you, and I care." This is truly one of my most favorite points! It all starts with us, as individuals, stepping up to make the shifts and impact we want - in whatever way "stepping up" means in that moment. (And of course, tying back to earlier posts, the quality of the relationships we have is key to supporting this. A virtuous cycle: the better I am as an individual, the better I can come to relationships, the better my relationships, the more supported and better I feel to become even better, etc.)

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