#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Self care isn't just for breakfast anymore...

Just back from SF for the past week where I had a really rich-for-the-spirit week of doing work I love, taking great care of myself, and hanging out with people I appreciate. From facilitating a team on vision and their "why", to doing a bunch of one-on-one's with members from that leadership team, to leading a private retreat for a client in a gorgeous penthouse, to meeting with some of my business advisors on what I'm up to and how my business can be even more helpful with this thang I do in leadership, it was a full week. When I got back on Friday and stepped into more intense meetings that were mainly all about 2012 planning for clients, I felt GREAT. Completely energized. Energized in a new sort of way. And I had to really pause and think about WHY.

I take good care myself, but often when I come back from a week of intense work, I need 2 days of decompression. (My husband jokes that he's never seen anyone so extreme on the gas pedal - I can go from 100 mph for 4 days, completely focused on "other", to 0 mph in no time flat.) But this time it was different. And here's why (so far as I can tell)...I raised my own bar on self-care and intentionality; I took self-care to a new level:

  • I designed my week like a maniac up front, holding scheduling and self care boundaries like never before.
  • I juiced, yes juiced with really good stuff, 3 days worth of juice before I left.*
  • I packed a cooler with food I know makes me feel good and supports my energy levels.*
  • I scheduled my workouts in - non-negotiable - and even got a Bikram Yoga Class in at the Funky Door on Polk (which is a necessary experience if you love hot and steamy yoga and happen to be in SF.)
  • I diversified my week, very intentionally booking things together that made my heart sing.
  • I was obscenely focused on value and super hungry to make sure that my clients got what they needed. At the end of all 4 days - I felt very well used. (This is a good thing for me.)
  • I planned in fun stuff and breaks in between and even during events - good food, and local field trips to an awesome craft store, the fab coffee bar, an architectural book store, and even a walk through Japonesque gallery (wow).
  • I meditated every day so I could be as clear and present as possible.
  • I listened to great great great music.
  • I stayed present. And recovered quickly when I "took off".
  • I kept one master "to-do" list to save mental energy (anyone else out there operating off of 3 to-do lists: computer, phone, and maybe a notebook or two?)
  • I did work I loved. I focused on the people. My "WHY" was in full bloom.

Today is Saturday, it's a "lay low" day. I'm still in my sweats. (I consider it a bonus I've brushed my teeth.) I'm catching up on some stuff. Hanging with my family. Teasing my dogs. Reconnecting with my juicer. I'm mellow, but not wiped. Feeling peaceful, but still humming in a really good way. While I know not every week will be like this past week, and that I won't always be able to check these things off "the list", and that sometimes...I'll just fall flat, the experience is a gift. This week reminds me of the power we have as human beings to "get in front of it", set ourselves up for success, and to not only serve our clients and teams better by doing so, but our families, and ourselves, as well. Even just doing one or two things can make all the difference in the world. I think the magic is in the decision and making it a priority.

What do you do to "get in front" of it so that you can serve best (while feeling great doing so?) Lots of things I'm thinking about, I'm about to amplify - ready?

*Note: I know the "have juice and food, will travel" thing only really works when traveling by car, however, I've done this when flying too by making my first stop from the airport Whole Foods or something good, or at a minimum researching local clean food places. ;-)