#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Setting Intentions & Action Plans for 2008

Hi there! Thanks for visiting the new blog! We are in the midst of giving the DTE Site a bit of a makeover and this is part of it. Would love to hear your responses, many of the changes are coming as we grow deeper and deeper into this brand, and many have actually come from some wonderful constructive feedback from loyal clients, colleagues and friends.

But enough about us...let's talk about you...

Have you created your 2008 intentions yet? What about the action plan to make those intentions real?

As we come to the end of this year and reflect on what 2007 has been for us, I find myself quietly buzzing with excitement of the potential of 2008. I was going to say "the promise of 2008" and stopped myself, because really there are no promises, are there? It's up to us to make sure that we stay focused, authentic and in action in order to make our 2008 intentions a reality. And even with the best laid plans, sometimes the outcomes are not what we'd expect. Life happens. Plans change. Relationships grow or corrode.

What is truly a "promise" is that if we stay alert/conscious/present, real and fully engaged, we will experience the year and the people around us, be more aware of the impact we create and where our actions are taking us, and then be able to make powerful choices that are in alignment with the big vision.

Personally, I love this week. It's one of my favorites of the year. And in addition to taking the week to be with family, relax, reflect, rejuvenate, and eat really good food (as well as read many books, take many naps and play many games ;))), I love to be with the "feeling" of the New Year approaching. While I tend to create my high level business plans for the year during the last quarter...it's always fun to see the year approach and take my plans and intentions to a deeper level. There's something about this week, between Christmas and the New Year, that provides the peace and space to really start getting ready; physically, mentally and spiritually, to move into the next year.

A little ritual I like to perform every year, at this time, is to take all the important areas of my life, rate them on a scale of 0-10 in terms of satisfaction and how fully engaged I feel I am in each area (ie. health, relationships, family, finances, physical environment, work, fun, integrity, etc. etc..), and then check in with if that "rating" is okay with me - or do I feel I want to make a shift? If I decide to make a shift, I can plug myself into the Dare To Engage Model, see where I'm at, and what/who I need to engage to do it, then lay out a plan - nothing intricate - of next actions and intended outcomes...and then I'm on my way. This helps me stay conscious of where I'm at in my own Life Map and Hero's Journey, and where I may need to shift course so that I'm in alignment with my vision and plans. Simple simple exercise - will take you 30-60 minutes...if it appeals to you, or something like it - I invite you to go for it! Happy New Year!

BTW, my next article, the 3rd edition of the Special DTE Holiday Series, will come out later next week and will deepen the discussion on setting intentions and plans. The 2nd Edition, "DTE Wisdom from a 1st Grader", will be released on New Year's Eve. In both of these editions, I've also included a special section on Personal Sustainability. To ensure you recieve your copies, please make sure you've signed up for my Newsletter and Special Report at www.DareToEngage.com. (Right hand side of the page where you can enter your name and email address.)

Here's to authentically engaged relationships and, of course, New Year's Dares that will help you become even more of who you are,

Happy New Year all!