#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

The Power of the Master Mind

Last week I was in Tucson, AZ working with my business coach and a couple of my master mind colleagues. We get together a couple of times a year, in person, and regularly (on the phone) to discuss our businesses, plan, work through challenges and stay focused in creating results and outcomes in our companies.

I've been involved in Master Minds in one way or another for about 6 years now and I find them an essential part of my success as a leader in my business. I've also found them to be an essential part of my client's successes in the group programs and master minds I've hosted in my programs. It's the power of people and the power of 5 brains (or 3 or 8 or 10) that is even better than just one. The support, ideas and solutions that come out of these groups is nothing short of fascinating. The Master Mind (MM) Experience isn't for everyone, some prefer the private and individual attention of private coaching or even a combination of the two, but when the MM resonates, it resonates!

For me, this all ties into the power of relationships, having allies, leveraging strengths and getting support. Whether I'm on the participant side as a client or the coach's side WITH my clients, there is always an opportunity for learning ten-fold. Some of the necessary components? Trust; being trustworthy and trusting. Committment; to yourself and others. "Out of the box thinking"; this is where the magic lies. An insatiable hunger for growth, and stepping out of comfort zones, combined with a willingness to be vulnerable and ask for help. Of course, sprinkle in a willingness to get, stay and be in action, and you have a pretty potent combination.

These are some of the characteristics I consider necessary components for group work and/or the master mind experience. And you? Where could you benefit from learning and growing in a group setting? And what do you need to make it successful for yourself and your peers?

So here's to the power of multiple brains, shared learning, caring, support and accelerated results. This is so worth thinking about...