#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Want to add zero's to your business? Smiles to your peeps? Add Love to your leadership.

Got love? Go hug someone. Got love? Go hug someone.

"The energy is way better in here... What's happening? It just feels better." "I'm not sure what's shifted, I just like working here more now." "I'm coming back, AND I'm telling my friends."

These are real live statements from employees and customers of a business I visit fairly frequently. (Full disclosure, primarily as a customer -- and, of course, I've also made friends with their leadership team.)

There's a much longer story here about how this all came to be, and I'll jump to the part I want you to have most.

"This is way more fun." "I feel more inspired." "I feel like I can be successful here." "I matter."

So what changed?


The leadership team decided to add a bit of love into their every interaction with clients and customers.

And then they did it.

Love in the emails. Love in the interactions. Love in the intent behind every conversation. Love in their reviews. Love in their follow up. Love in even the toughest of conversations. Love in making decisions.

Love. Love. Love.

That's it. The magical energy of love.

This love took the form of the following:

  • gratitude
  • curiosity
  • compassion
  • generosity
  • acknowledgement
  • kindness
  • present listening
  • follow through
  • partnership and support
  • sincere collaboration
  • sincere helpfulness
  • smiles
  • authentic "Hello, how are you's?"

That's it. This particular business is seeing a shift in their customer results, retainment, and new recruits. It's also seeing a shift in their team dynamics, people coming to work in a better mood, and the overall fun factor of the daily in's and out's.

That's it. Love. And it didn't cost a thing. It was all a shift in intent and attitude, with follow through and putting their love where their mouth is.

And for those of you who lean a bit more towards "it's all about the money" vs. "it's all about the people"... This can be the difference between adding "zero's" to the end of a company's annual revenue statement, or not. This is the difference in how your clients and customers talk about you. This is the difference in how you retain and attract top talent. This might even be the difference in how good and full you feel at the end of your day.

And this story is not limited to this business in particular, I'd put "love" at the top of my "leadership remedy list" for any organization or team.

What are you waiting for? Go love someone. //axc

*Art Credit: Pete Garner of Zingerman's COB (2009). Thanks Pete! Your impact ripples further!