#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

What do you stand for? What impact will your leadership create?

What impact do you want to see in the world? Do this to do that. What impact do you want to create in the world? Do this to do that.

This is not a question to be brushed over. Yet maybe my shortest blog post ever.

Think about that question. What do you stand for?

What impact will your leadership create?

You have something you want to be different in the world. You have something that can bring you to tears because it's NOT that way yet. You have something that you'd fight for. You have something you love dearly. Deep in your heart, deep in your soul. It's there.


Dare to imagine the world that exists through your leadership.

Dare to imagine the organization or culture that gets created because you care, and you'll take a stand.

Dare. Allow it in. Dare to want it. Dare to let it hurt you because it's not that way... yet. Dare to be the one who makes it so.

When you connect to that place. It will wake you up. It will not let you sleep until you know you are in action. It will haunt you. Beautifully.

Don't know what it is? It's okay. Look. Listen. Watch for the things that light you up, that piss you off. Pay attention to the cues in your body. Where you expand. Where you contract. Your body and soul speak. Listen.

Feel. And go with it.

This manifesto woke me up last week. Literally. At 3 am I woke up and wrote it up. It spilled out. Would not stop until it was all out. And here it is. That impact you want to create? This will help. Do this to create that.

If you want your own copy to print up and hang, save, make into screen background, or tattoo on your fanny -- "get the goods" on your right. Join me.

Of course, you can view it here too, but I want you on my list. We have work to do. Let's go. Love you. // axc