#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Keys to unlocking your team's potential ... and keeping your best talent

The level of disengagement in the American workplace is staggering. But the solution is as simple as getting consistent feedback from your employees and providing positive feedback in return. [tweet_quote hashtags="@iepmethod" ]This feedback loop has been shown to increase employee engagement[/tweet_quote] as well as boosting creativity and productivity while improving retention.

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The Energy of Busy...

Got a minute?

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The most obvious, yet crucial, "thing" overlooked in leadership

If you're familiar at all with my work or my stance, you'll know that I'm a stand for leadership and that I get to work with super innovative companies and biz leaders to help them create more effective leadership and impact in the world.

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How to lead energized and effective leadership team meetings

I was working with a couple of clients this week helping them think through a big meeting next month for their team. The usual suspects showed up: What outcomes do we want? Why are we having it? Do we really need to have it? How can it be as meaningful as possible? How much time do we have? What might come up that we need to be prepared to work with? Who needs to be there? You know... that stuff.

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Blind spots, slippery slopes, and meltdowns

Last August I decided to put myself through my program. A lot had evolved in the model over the last 18 months and I was feeling the urge for an intentional reboot. I called it my own personal "7 week leadership experiment". After all, if I fully engaged in my stuff, and walked my talk, what could I create? I knew 2013 would be a big year for this work given some of the things I'd put in motion, and I wanted to go in fully aware and congruent. My business, life, relationships, and health had nothing to lose.

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