Leadership Between the Lines

You just never know... Stay true, keep going, breathe.


I got a phone call a couple of weeks back from a gentleman I'd met at a conference over 5 years ago.

"You won't remember me, but we had a conversation over drinks, you explained your work, you asked me some questions, and I laughed at you. I promised to follow up and potentially do some work together, I didn't."

Wrong... I remembered him.

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You can't get ____ done, until you've decided.

I've been considering my relationship with the word "decide" lately. I think it's one of the most powerful words we have in our vocabulary. I lean on it consistently. It "makes" me move. If you've worked with me or seen me speak, you know the stance I take on this gorgeous word. This word tickles.

But it doesn't always work out. Sometimes it needs some love. And sometimes it needs a bit more space and grace than others.

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5 Places to look for more impact and greater joy.

From the trenches, and at 33k feet up in the air, 5 simple places to look for creating bigger impact while feeling great. Ready? Coming in hot...

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5 Apps to Help Bring Out the Best in People (Including Yourself).

I’m a big fan of tools. Anything that helps optimize productivity, presence, or impact, sign me up. I’ve downloaded many. Used some. Stuck with a few… Some have rocked my world. Some have fallen flat, only taking up precious space on my phone.

What I most love are apps that actually help bring out the best in people. Here, for your exploration pleasure are 5 apps I’m really keen on right now. Each of which is making my work better, my team better, and my joy better.

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Cultural View vs. Cultural Do: 7+ Steps to Shifting Culture

ID-10018387I was recently interviewed for an article about creating better cultures. A study had been done looking at how companies actually view the importance of culture and what they actually do about it...

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