#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Shifting, optimizing & changing culture...it doesn't have to be hard

boot-leaves[tweet_quote hashtags="@IEPMethod" ]It's not as hard as we make up...
It can even be exciting...

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The Energy of Busy...

Got a minute?

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Remembering what counts... And counting the ways.

                    Make it count. Make it count.

What counts?

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Want to add zero's to your business? Smiles to your peeps? Add Love to your leadership.

Got love? Go hug someone. Got love? Go hug someone.

"The energy is way better in here... What's happening? It just feels better." "I'm not sure what's shifted, I just like working here more now." "I'm coming back, AND I'm telling my friends."

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7 ways you maybe "killin' it" with your leadership (and not in a good way)

93% of Impact is in how you "show up"You lead your company. Your team. Your life. It's all good... Except when it's not.

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