Leadership Between the Lines

32 Reasons and Then Some

Golly, 3 lists! After reflecting on why I'd come, asking my clients, and collaborating with some fellow Bootist Leaders, we've gathered 32 reasons to come. I think they're all pretty good. Take a look, see what resonates for you, and if it does, by all means, come!

1. Life seems very serious right now. Wouldn't a bit of fun mixed in with personal development and blended with tangible action plans for making your leadership more effective and more rewarding be a good way to spend two days?
2. Just getting away to "work on yourself" is a good thing to do. One of the people I talked to said that just the act of committing to getting away for 2 days to get some space and reflection time was reason enough to come.
3. I have a feeling that a year from now, you'll be kicking yourself for not having made to time to come out here and gather your thoughts, clear some mental and physical space to get grounded and help make you and your organization more effective. Really. Because what you do at this retreat will propel you further, faster in managing your energy, creating clarity and congruency, making better business decisions, and being the kind of leader you want to be. A year from now you'll look back and be glad you started this now.
4. I have lined up a special array of goodies that you won't find in this way anywhere else. And each of the goodies, every single thing I'm putting into the retreat is being done so with love and thought and what will best serve each participant. (The feedback I get at every event speaks to the power of doing this and I'm happy to do it.)
5. You'll meet really great people and hear what they're working on and learning.
6. You'll get in on the front end of something really great because Bootist Leadership is here to stay and it's just going to grow. Be one of the first to join in this new way of congruent and fun leadership.
7. You'll get ideas for helping your team become more of a connected, congruent and engaged Bootist Team. (This is another workshop, but doing this work for yourself has ripple effects.)
8. You'll have access to resources that no one else will (these are limited resources in time and quantity and Bootist Retreaters get first dibs.)
9. You'll eat well and develop a whole new relationship and mindset with boots, 12 hugs and cupcakes.
10. We're nice, fun to hang out with and committed to helping you get what you want out of this retreat. Just look at it as Summer Camp for Leaders with us as your Camp Counselors.

More? Okay, how about these?

1. You'll get a reboot....Create space. (Don't you breathe a sigh of relief just thinking about it?) You'll have real space for yourself to reflect, create your plan, and "power wash" what's not working in your life.
2. You'll find out what boots, cupcakes and hugs actually do have to do with their leadership and how using it will help them.
3. You'll increase your leadership abilities and impact by at least 10% (I'm not sure how we measure this exactly - but I'm pretty confident 10% is low)
4. You'll increase your awareness of what you want, what drives you (and what your actual ability to impact those things is), by at least 10%
5. You'll create a tangible action plan for integrating Bootism into your lives and leadership - this means better decision making, better impact, better results, better profits
6. You'll be able to identify energy gaps in your life and design for changes
7. If something is feeling "off" for you right now in your life, you'll move towards getting it back on track, and if it's all peachy keen, you'll move towards optimization and sustainability.
8. You'll work your mindset and your energetic "bubble" to better address and manage the "doom and gloom" mentality that seems to be pervading our culture right now. (Admit it, the economy, or some story you've got, is impacting your decision right now of whether or not to invest 2 days and $777 in yourself.)
9. You'll begin to identify what your own practices of Bootism are and what "congruency" means for you.
10. You'll find ways to quit the "life balance should" story and just live and lead and do the work.

Other reasons to come...

1. You think you're pretty good at what you do, but you'd like to be better
2. You'd like to be even more effective in engaging your team and the people in your life
3. You'd like to decrease tension or negative energy in your life/organization - and increase the positive energy that creates happy people, good outcomes and peaceful solutions.
4. You want to refine your vision and the strategy for your life - in a way that addresses your personal life AND your professional life without making it two huge visions.
5. You want at least twenty four hugs (12 for each of the two days at a minimum!) and a lot of good cupcakes.
6. You want to discover your own version of 12 hugs and cupcakes and create a plan to give and get them on a consistent basis
7. You're not totally sure exactly what to expect, but you're so open to the adventure.
8. You'd like to learn how to better manage your energy so you can make clear decisions, feel good and be more productive
9. You want to learn HOW to give more hugs and cupcakes to help you connect with people on a more meaningful way.
10. You want more of YOU in your life. There's never a "good time" to do "this" stuff, take a vacation, reflect, etc. Decide and make this the time. Drive it.
11. You'll get to do high level work with a Master NLP Practitioner which, combined with Bootism and my methodology, is a very special treat. (This is a bonus offering!)
12. You're a high achiever and committed to yourself and growth. If you've read this far - this event is for you. (BTW, mention #32 at the retreat and I'll give you an extra gift.)

Any of those resonate for you? Would it be worth spending 2 days to achieve some of these? This may seem like a lot to cover in two days, and you maybe thinking "Isn't it retreat space?" Absolutely! And what I find is that the way I teach and share this work, with the highly experiential nature of it combined with the energy component and NLP, we work deeply and efficiently. No worries, you will get your retreat time AND go away feeling full, clearer, and invigorated.

Okay, hope to see your registration form in my inbox or your number on my Caller ID soon!
Have a fantastic holiday!