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Be Your Word for 2017: Introducing #ProjectImpeccable2017

Earlier this year in the midst of a rather intense period of time personally and professionally I started looking for "short cuts" and "hacks" to help me be more productive, more clear, more efficient, more better, more me.

Last year I discovered something that up-leveled my life. I'd tapped into something powerful. Life-changing.

Then people asked me to turn it into a book or a workbook or a program. And that sounded like fun.

It's called #ProjectImpeccable17. And here's what it's all about.

Wanting the Next Level

I wanted better decision-making super powers. I wanted super-power intuition. (I basically wanted to be able to teleport, see through walls, and fly too, but hey.)

I was doing everything I knew to do to "walk my talk" and be the best instrument of change possible.

I was honoring my own body of work and practicing what I preached. My self-care was solid  (possibly the best ever for me). I was eating clean. Exercising well. Meditation. Journaling. Gratitude. I was working with my own advisors and teachers. You name it — I was "doing it." My environment was rockin'. My mindset healthy. I was fueled by gratitude and impact. My presence and how I showed up were serving me, and my relationships were solid and clean and lifegiving. I was honoring core values. I was clear on vision and how I was going to get there. 

I was "winning", "failing", doing it all with some serious range…

From an IEP perspective, things were humming…

I was not perfect  anything but. But my point in sharing all of this is that I was aware and focused and doing all I could to Show Up as best possible.

But it felt like I could do more.

And I wanted more.

And a quiet part of me questioned where I wasn’t doing what I could. Where was I not aligned 100%?

What was the up-level? The next "bar"? And what didn’t I know about that next "bar"?

Enter #ProjectImpeccable

Reading something one day, I saw the word impeccable. It grabbed me. No matter how far down the page I got, my eyes kept going back to that word.

The word haunted me that whole week.

A few days later, during my morning ritual, I asked myself this question: "Where am I not impeccable with myself? Where am I not 'my word'? Where could I be more impeccable?"

I took it further. "If I were to do 3 things, anything, for myself that would make me even more clear and clean and impeccable — what would they be?" And I instantly knew them. Instantly. My intuition and soul took over and by the time I was done with my workout — I knew what I was called to do.

I had 3 core things, and then I added 2 more. Three of them were right on. One of them, I learned about a week in, was actually not for me (it was for someone else, a "should", and didn’t serve, so it got released). The other was just a structure to support the rest.

I made a commitment to myself — only myself — to run with these agreements for 60 days. I told very few people at first. I wanted my energy clean for this, free of projections, completely rich — not diluted. This felt sacred; like a butterfly in a cocoon that needs "forming" time.

I called it #ProjectImpeccable.

Creating the New Level

It did things for me that I had no clue could be done.

One of my favorite clients ever (and now dear friend) says "Change your breakfast, or ONE thing, change your life." She also used to say to me, "I didn’t realize how good good could feel. Or how clear clear could feel. Just when I think I’ve gotten ‘there’ I find a new place."

#ProjectImpeccable was that for me. It created a new "level." (And trust me, I know I’m just getting started.)

So I did my #ProjectImpeccable. Full-heartedly. Immovably.

And yep… It up-leveled my life, my awareness, and my presence in ways I didn’t even know were possible. The learning in those 60 days that this project unlocked were powerful, game-changing, and ultimately life-changing. So much so that when I got to the end of 60 days, I decided to keep going. Until 72 days for one item, 86 days for another, 110 for a third one, and for the fourth one, I let it go completely  it had served its purpose.

All of the things I chose impacted my life like food coloring in water.

This act of getting right with myself and getting more "impeccable" with my energy and integrity — slowly, and then all at once, it helped me feel better.

But here’s what else happened:

  • My energetic field got clearer and cleaner — I felt sharper and better able to stay in, and hold, my space
  • My clarity of what was "mine" to meddle in and what was "none of my business" increased (in other words, "buh bye drama"!)
  • My intuition and "gut" knowing increased
  • My clarity of mind and intention sharpened
  • My body got leaner and healthier
  • I slept better and woke up crisp
  • My creativity started waking me up again
  • My choices were better
  • My standards got higher (in the places they needed to be higher)
  • I had more patience
  • I was more present, and…
  • I felt more grounded

All for taking "60 days" to be my word with myself.

At the root of confidence is self-trust and impeccability. At the root of strong positive leadership presence is integrity.

I’d tapped into something really powerful.

(Bet you’re wanting to know what the three things were, eh? I know. I know.)

They were super personal. And a little tender. And that’s what made them work.

What started out as an intention of just being more impeccable with myself, turned into a life changing game of awareness, managing my space, and learning how to navigate projections of others that come up when there is change in a system. (Bonus learning: this has major leadership implications, but I digress.)

When I finished, I was speaking and teaching a lot and I started to share what had become "#PI16" with my people. People started to do it for themselves and created surprising outcomes. Some did little things, some big, all had impact.

A good friend of mine shared with me, "Geesh, if I did this for myself for 60 days, I’d have another business, a healthy relationship, and probably write a book…" Sounded like a good reason to step in for 60 days, no?

Round 2...

Inspired by all of this, I set out on #PI16 Round 2. It failed… after 3 days.

And then #PI16 round 3. It failed… after 6 days.

And then #PI16 round 4. Done… before it started.


There are some good reasons for this, and those failures taught me even more about Project Impeccable.

I took a pause to extract the "magic sauce."

(Hint: "Impeccable" can mean many things and NONE of them are about being "perfect" or doing it right. Chew on that.)

There was an art to #ProjectImpeccable, so I shared that too.

Then something really interesting happened. People asked me to turn it into a book or a workbook or a program. And that sounded like fun.

So here you go…

Introducing #ProjectImpeccable2017

You can learn all about #ProjectImpeccable2017 right here.

I’m doing this program live 3 times this year  January, June, and December.

The first cohort starts January 26 (registration opens 1/9 and closes 1/24). It’s self-paced and designed to meet you where you’re at, so it actually WORKS. And it’s fun.

The first group to go through is getting a special rate. (If you register 10 or more from your team, it gets even more special.)

I hope you’ll join us. We have a big opportunity (and response-ability) to keep ourselves high vibe, clear, and with clean leadership and energetic hygiene. #ProjectImpeccable is a beautiful and solid kind of way to do this.

How will you Show Up in 2017? And how will you support yourself in doing so?

Register here and join me for a solid start.

Here’s to being impeccable and kind to yourself in the process.

Love to you,