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Zingerman's + The Leader You Will Be = Ahmazing!

Quick FUN Announcement! As you may know, THE LEADER YOU WILL BE: An Invitation leadership storybook, my latest release, comes out 10/24 in PRINT!! So excited. (Pre-order here if you want one as soon as we have them!) 
So... OF COURSE we’re celebrating. And we’re doing it with the most perfect partner and friend to do it with… Zingerman’s! 

Join us for a really fun — and yummy and festive — book launch party for #LYWB on 10/24 at Zingerman’s Roadhouse! 


You can register right here right now if you want to grab your spot, and here’s more info… 

Zingerman’s, Ari Weinzweig, the amazing people of the ZCOB, and I go way way back and they’ve put together something really special. As a guest post today, we’re sharing Ari’s words here. They are kind and very Ari. These words are from his Weekly Top-5 List — I HIGHLY recommend you sign up for them. They’re not only delicious, but informative, and filled with good stuff. You can access his Top 5 List right here
In the meantime read on to what Ari says about what we’re all doing together next week!

"Trick or Leadership Treat—A National Book Release with Energy Expert Anese Cavanaugh 

The Leader You Will Be debuts at the Roadhouse on Wed. Oct. 24

One of the most rewarding comments I hear from guests as I move through my day is just how positive everyone working at Zingerman’s can be. Many first-timers from other towns, literally, marvel at it. Those who take the conversation a bit deeper will say things about how “Yes, the food was really wonderful. But beyond that, it just feels great to be in one of the businesses. We like to just come and feel the positive energy as much as the food.”


That that uplifting energy can be found with such high frequency is, to be clear, not an accident. There are many things that contribute to making this positive energy come alive. But one of THE biggest factors in making that energy a daily (if, of course, imperfect) reality, is that we actually teach, and work hard at, effective energy management. That’s right—a regular piece of our staff training work is to share what positive energy is all about. Energy is a commonly accepted, well understood and oft-referenced part of our formal teaching work and it’s well embedded in our culture. (For more on our approach to energy management, see Zingerman’s Guide to Good Leading Part 2, A Lapsed Anarchist’s Approach to Being a Better Leader.) We share why it matters to us so much, we teach three elements of energy, and follow it up with a four step recipe for effective energy management.


How did that happen? It’s certainly not something I grew up with! Nearly 10 years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Anese Cavanaugh. Most all of what I’ve learned about energy and effective energy management came from Ms. Cavanaugh! Her impact on our organization has been super positive. When we teach energy management at ZingTrain, especially in our Leading with Zing!, and Zingerman’s Experience seminars, we always credit Anese. She’s the source. She’s a good friend. She’s a great teacher. While others in the country complain and criticize, Anese is all about staying grounded and making a positive impact.


Later this month, this inspirational leader will be back in town! Not only will she be here to teach, but she will be celebrating her new book’s national release. The Leader You Will Be: An Invitation will be out for sale for the first time anywhere at the Roadhouse on the evening of Wednesday October 24. Anese will do a reading, share a bit of her insight and leadership wisdom. To up the ante a bit, there will be a few Roadhouse appetizers on hand to energize you while you learn. The $50 ticket covers the talk, the tastes, and a copy of the new book.


Since it’s a week before Halloween, I started to think about the event as a meaningful adult version of “trick or treat.” Anese’s work, after all, is about the difference between the all-too-common way leading and living with a socially approved “mask” (trick) and leading with authentic energy (treat). You will leave, I guarantee, with good energy and good insight. And unlike the candy your kid will likely get a week later, Anese’s intellectual and emotional treats are all good for you, and will, if you and I use them well, last a lifetime!


Come by to meet Anese, pick up your own copy of The Leader You Will Be: An Invitation, and enjoy appetizers—it’s all included in the ticket purchase. As Anese wrote in her book: “The time to lead is now, wouldn’t you agree? So lean in, get your game on, and show up as the leader you will be…”


PS: If you want to do a much deeper dive into Anese’s great work, I highly recommend her two-day Intentional Energetic Presence workshop which will be held the following two days (Thursday and Friday) at Zingerman’s Greyline. The learning, the food, and the energy are all guaranteed to be excellent!"

Raise your energy at the Roadhouse!