#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

The “being” and “doing” of leadership…what’s it got to do with energy?

I like to look at leadership through several lenses; two of the most important are (1) the “being” of leadership, and (2) the “doing” of leadership. Since we’re a “doing” culture, let’s take “doing” first. The “doing” of leadership is the actions, the behaviors, the things you can “see”. The doing is what’s most often noticed, it’s easy to identify, very tangible. People like tangible. Tangible gets the press. The “being” of leadership is the presence, the feelings, the beliefs, and the energy, the things that you can’t “see”. The “being” is often referred to as soft skills and linked with emotional intelligence or people skills. (It also can be called “woo woo”, but I honestly see that less and less everyday.)

While the “doing” often gets much of the glory, the “being” is the secret sauce that makes the “doing” shine. The “being” is always present (like food coloring in water, you can’t separate it out) and, whether you realize it or not, it impacts every bit of the “doing.” The more you can be aware of, manage, and even lead the “being”, the more effective you’ll be as a leader. What is the “being”? Well it’s lots of things, and for this program we’ll be working with you and the “energy” that you bring to everything you do, as it influences your being, your vitality, and ultimately your leadership effectiveness. The more effective you are at managing your own energy and presence (on multiple levels), the better you feel, the greater your ability to positively influence people and results, and, ultimately the better your “doing” and bottom line outcomes will be. It’s all a virtuous cycle.

On January 21st, we will kick off the next Bootist Leadership® Energy Circle which, for 7 weeks, will be devoted to helping you, as an individual (regardless of your official role, title, or position), increase your awareness, action, presence and effectiveness as a human being and leader through the lens of energy leadership. For more information and registration please check out the full information page (if you prefer to check out the program in pdf format, please click here).

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