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module3_img4I get questions from subscribers and participants all the time about random things that relate to leadership, presence, energy, collaboration, dealing with their mom, changing something that they're afraid to change, etc. All sorts of Qs. I try to respond to every single one. Sometimes these Qs inspire articles. Sometimes an exercise. Sometimes a post. You just never know...

Today I thought I'd start sharing some of these in simplest form with the intention that there just might be something gold in here for you. If this is helpful to you, and you like this format, let me know—like it, share it, whatever your fancyand I'll keep doing it.

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As we move towards 2020, workforce trends will require that leaders hire talent based on their callings, and not just to fill a job.

In order to innovate to the next level in your organization, to attract, cultivate--and keep--top talent, and to inspire and tap into the greatest desires and creativity of your employees, you'll need to address 4 things: their sense of purpose and contribution, their sense of creativity and autonomy, their mindset of collaboration and partnership, and their own personal nourishment and self-care so they can do all they want to do and have the impact they want to have. Here are a couple of ways to tap into this NOW.

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You just never know... Stay true, keep going, breathe.


I got a phone call a couple of weeks back from a gentleman I'd met at a conference over 5 years ago.

"You won't remember me, but we had a conversation over drinks, you explained your work, you asked me some questions, and I laughed at you. I promised to follow up and potentially do some work together, I didn't."

Wrong... I remembered him.

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5 Places to look for more impact and greater joy.

From the trenches, and at 33k feet up in the air, 5 simple places to look for creating bigger impact while feeling great. Ready? Coming in hot...

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5 Apps to Help Bring Out the Best in People (Including Yourself).

I’m a big fan of tools. Anything that helps optimize productivity, presence, or impact, sign me up. I’ve downloaded many. Used some. Stuck with a few… Some have rocked my world. Some have fallen flat, only taking up precious space on my phone.

What I most love are apps that actually help bring out the best in people. Here, for your exploration pleasure are 5 apps I’m really keen on right now. Each of which is making my work better, my team better, and my joy better.

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