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5 Signs You're Creating Cultural Hierarchy & 5 Signs Your Team Feels It.

In my work with business leaders and their organizations, the majority of them want to avoid "hierarchy" in the organization in as many ways as possible. Many of them are highly successful at doing so. They set structures in place to create more of a "flat" organization, they get clear on organizational values, and they get very intentional about the culture they want to create. While the reporting structure may have a hierarchy to it (this structure can be an intentional system that supports culture vs. hinders or lids it), the goal is to have a collaborative and peer-oriented mindset with non-hierarchical behaviors.

When I do IEP (Intentional Energetic Presence) Cultural Assessments for companies, I go in looking through the lens of "What's the energy of the company?" What's not being said? What's going great/where are they super strong? What needs attention? And where might possible blind spots be that may be creeping up, especially as they grow quickly and on-board more people?

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Inc.com: Innovating Through Collaboration, Not Competition

In my last post about preparing for leadership in the year 2020, I talked about shifting your culture's mindset from "jobs" to "callings" and tapping into purpose to energize, fuel, and bring out the best thinking and intrinsic motivation in your employees. I also mentioned that part of the secret sauce to building a meaningful highly energized team (and organization) is to tap into the mindset of collaboration vs. competition.

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Change Your Face, Change Your Impact.

shutterstock_98005580I get phone calls almost every week from people who are brilliant, in high positions, making great money, super talented, awesome ... but ... They're not quite having the impact they want to have. For some reason, it's just not happening.

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5 Apps to Help Bring Out the Best in People (Including Yourself).

I’m a big fan of tools. Anything that helps optimize productivity, presence, or impact, sign me up. I’ve downloaded many. Used some. Stuck with a few… Some have rocked my world. Some have fallen flat, only taking up precious space on my phone.

What I most love are apps that actually help bring out the best in people. Here, for your exploration pleasure are 5 apps I’m really keen on right now. Each of which is making my work better, my team better, and my joy better.

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Keys to unlocking your team's potential ... and keeping your best talent

The level of disengagement in the American workplace is staggering. But the solution is as simple as getting consistent feedback from your employees and providing positive feedback in return. [tweet_quote hashtags="@iepmethod" ]This feedback loop has been shown to increase employee engagement[/tweet_quote] as well as boosting creativity and productivity while improving retention.

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