The Positive Energy Workplace

The Financial, Performance, and Cultural Cost of Misaligned Energy

Misaligned energy in your company can lead to significant financial losses, decreased performance, and a negative impact on company culture.

Elevating your company’s ability to innovate and achieve forward-thinking outcomes requires a revolutionary approach to cultivate a resilient and energy-focused culture.

Discover how Intentional Energetic Presence® and the IEP Method® empowers your leaders and workforce to collaborate effectively, consistently take aligned action, and contribute to a positively contagious and resilient company culture.

"When companies are stuck and curious why they're not getting a return on investment from other programs, 9 times out of 10 it has something to do with the IEP (Intentional Energetic Presence®) and misaligned energy."

— Anese Cavanaugh

In this recorded session, you'll hear more from Anese Cavanaugh (CEO of Active Choices, Inc. and founder of the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative®) and Jenny Wiley (Director of Programming & Community Growth at Active Choices, Inc.) and learn how teams, departments, and companies have been learning and practicing the IEP Method® and experiencing significant improvements in company culture, employee satisfaction, and sustainable profitability.

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Discover how the IEP Method® and the Positive Energy Workplace Initiative® can enhance your leadership and support your workforce.

The Active Choices, Inc. team is happy to provide a comprehensive overview of our latest IEP Method® offerings designed to enhance your leadership training, development, and company culture initiatives. 

Check out the recording below to learn more about the most recent data influencing workplace culture, innovation, leadership, and performance, as well as the inspiring results and updates from The Positive Energy Workplace Initiative® (PEW-i) powered by ACI.

Hear the various IEP Method® training pathways available for your company, along with the options for collaborating directly with Anese and our faculty.

Finally, you'll get a sneak peek of our community platform where partners can access training materials, resources, and support to kickstart their journey towards becoming a Certified Positive Energy Workplace.

"You have an energetic presence, and you have a culture.
The question is, how intentional are you about it?"

— Anese Cavanaugh

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How Presence and Energetic Awareness Impacts Profitability

Is your organization focusing on the right objectives and outcomes when it comes to developing your workplace culture?

Many companies may outwardly share that they care about its culture, values, and mission, yet the internal story for managers and employees doesn’t match this narrative. Typically, this disconnect is rooted in a lack of presence, accountability, and awareness of the energetic impact of each and every person in the company.

In our latest panel discussion, you'll hear more about how a healthy workplace culture is an actual asset for companies that is not simply a ‘nice-to-have’ — it creates bottom-line impact and profitability.

Special thanks to our panelists in this session:

Tune in to hear real-world examples to show how helping your employees and leaders focus on their intentions, energy, and presence can create a contagious and positive ripple effect for your company culture that is indispensable.

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Transforming Culture by Identifying and Addressing Energy Issues [Video]

At Active Choices, Inc., we’ve identified a common challenge many executives experience, but often don’t realize they are dealing with: the energetic health of their organizational culture.

Energy can be a complex issue to assess and address; it's intangible and is frequently perceived as "woo woo," placing it low on the list of priorities for culture and leadership development. Yet the ability for companies to unlock the future comes down to the way people show up to every meeting, every Zoom call, every 1:1 interaction, and every work assignment.

Tune in to learn insights on how to determine if an “energy crisis” is at the core of your culture issues, when and how to take action, and what to watch out for when considering bringing external experts or partners in for support.


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ACI Executive Symposium: IEP Method® Leadership Panel

This month's executive symposium featured a panel discussion exploring how the IEP Method® can be utilized in real-time to create healthier and authentically positive impact in the workplace.

You’ll hear from Anese Cavanaugh and leaders from various industries who have experienced and used the IEP Methodology to up-level their leadership skills and impact workplace culture.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with an abundance of leadership wisdom and insights, plus stories about the personal and organizational impact of Intentional Energetic Presence®: 


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