The Positive Energy Workplace

ACI Executive Symposium: IEP Method® Leadership Panel

This month's executive symposium featured a panel discussion exploring how the IEP Method® can be utilized in real-time to create healthier and authentically positive impact in the workplace.

You’ll hear from Anese Cavanaugh and leaders from various industries who have experienced and used the IEP Methodology to up-level their leadership skills and impact workplace culture.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with an abundance of leadership wisdom and insights, plus stories about the personal and organizational impact of Intentional Energetic Presence®: 


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Leadership in Action: Celebrating Women's History Month and International Women's Day

As a women-owned business, our team at Active Choices, Inc. is especially inspired by Women’s History Month in March and International Women’s Day on March 8th.


We use this time as a reminder to celebrate and focus on initiatives and joint actions that support investment in women, elevate programs to end poverty, and lift up the voices of change-makers who advocate for equity and equality for all.


Here are a couple of recent ACI highlights we’d like to share and celebrate:


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The IEP Eco-System: Creating Sustainable Growth in Your Company Culture

In our previous article, we shared insights around focusing on the importance of energy accountability with your leadership teams and workforce. 


With current trends showing that employee engagement and workplace culture energy will continue to decline in 2024, prioritizing a sustainable growth plan and company-wide approach is essential to the health of your organization, your people, and your well-being globally.  


How can you encourage the importance of energy, well-being, work-life balance, and modeling self-care in your organization while maintaining bottom-line results and performance standards? Fortunately, these two things, while seemingly competing priorities, work together to strengthen the sustainability and impact of the organization. One leverage point here is to create an eco-system that supports and inspires an inside-out approach enabling personal energetic accountability AND high performance for each individual. 


At Active Choices, Inc., we partner with executives to take a holistic view of increasing your overall business performance through culture optimization. Using our IEP Eco-System framework, we create a micro and macro view for executives to assess and create a plan for impact that addresses all the competing priorities.


Here’s a quick overview of the premise for the IEP Eco-System: 


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Prioritizing Personal Energy Accountability in Your Organizational Growth Strategy

As the leading experts in culture-optimization strategies, the Active Choices, is at the forefront of workforce trends and leadership growth frameworks to support and create a resilient and sustainable organizational culture.


In 22+ years working with client partners, we’ve found that a common challenge many executives experience — but often don’t realize they are dealing with — is how best to encourage energy accountability with their leadership teams and workforce.


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Are You New to the IEP Method®?

If you're new to learning about the IEP Method, here are some resources to help get you acquainted with the premise of the framework. 

What is the IEP Method?

The IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence®) is ACI’s proprietary methodology and impact model at the heart of our leadership and training programs. Your IEP is the energy you bring to the room and how people experience you each and every moment.

There are three main components of the IEP Methodology:

  • Rebooting your presence
  • Building a strong energetic field and foundation
  • Creating intentional impact

Creating a solid Intentional Energetic Presence will inspire you to take initiative in your life, collaborate more effectively, show up more powerfully, create the impact you want — AND honor your well-being while doing so. Plus, through intentional leadership and the IEP framework, you can help create a positively contagious workplace culture! 


Check out a video overview of the IEP Method here:


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