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32 Reasons and Then Some

Golly, 3 lists! After reflecting on why I'd come, asking my clients, and collaborating with some fellow Bootist Leaders, we've gathered 32 reasons to come. I think they're all pretty good. Take a look, see what resonates for you, and if it does, by all means, come!

1. Life seems very serious right now. Wouldn't a bit of fun mixed in with personal development and blended with tangible action plans for making your leadership more effective and more rewarding be a good way to spend two days?
2. Just getting away to "work on yourself" is a good thing to do. One of the people I talked to said that just the act of committing to getting away for 2 days to get some space and reflection time was reason enough to come.
3. I have a feeling that a year from now, you'll be kicking yourself for not having made to time to come out here and gather your thoughts, clear some mental and physical space to get grounded and help make you and your organization more effective. Really. Because what you do at this retreat will propel you further, faster in managing your energy, creating clarity and congruency, making better business decisions, and being the kind of leader you want to be. A year from now you'll look back and be glad you started this now.
4. I have lined up a special array of goodies that you won't find in this way anywhere else. And each of the goodies, every single thing I'm putting into the retreat is being done so with love and thought and what will best serve each participant. (The feedback I get at every event speaks to the power of doing this and I'm happy to do it.)
5. You'll meet really great people and hear what they're working on and learning.
6. You'll get in on the front end of something really great because Bootist Leadership is here to stay and it's just going to grow. Be one of the first to join in this new way of congruent and fun leadership.
7. You'll get ideas for helping your team become more of a connected, congruent and engaged Bootist Team. (This is another workshop, but doing this work for yourself has ripple effects.)
8. You'll have access to resources that no one else will (these are limited resources in time and quantity and Bootist Retreaters get first dibs.)
9. You'll eat well and develop a whole new relationship and mindset with boots, 12 hugs and cupcakes.
10. We're nice, fun to hang out with and committed to helping you get what you want out of this retreat. Just look at it as Summer Camp for Leaders with us as your Camp Counselors.

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Dare to Share: Articles, Essays & Audios, oh my!

I know blogs are not for “commercials” and I don’t intend this to be one at all, but I do have a couple of things I want to let you know about. First, 2 new articles have been released in an international publication, second, I’m about to release a paper I’m really excited about and if you want it (with my compliments), there’s quick action to be taken, and third, if you’re into getting limited edition stuff, read to the end. I’ll be back tomorrow with a more regular post…but for now…here’s some scoop.

tng worldwide magazine has recently picked up a couple of my articles in their publications. I’m happy about this. They’ve been great to work with, the Editor Aimee Gurski is really wonderful, and I’m honored to be sharing my “work” with their audience in this way. They’ve given us permission to have the articles on our site (there are two currently, from different editions, and more to come.) If you’re interested, you can find the articles, and other press/publications, at DTE News or you can link directly to the latest article on "Performance Improvement: Dare to Elevate Engagement" A special shout out of gratitude to tng, happy to be collaborating with you like this and looking forward to more!

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Dare To Enage the “Want-O-Meter”

The Power of Wanting...

The Want List... The Want List...

This is a picture of one of my clients who came out to St. Charles this last week for a Private DTE Retreat. This is Dr. Cheryl Perlis (Perlis Wellness Center in Lake Bluff, Il) and she is one phenomenal doctor, with a mission that runs deep and involves supporting and empowering women in and with their bodies, at all ages. She specializes in Gynecology and Aesthetic Solutions, and I will say, hands down that she has to be one of the kindest, most thoughtful, cool, committed, no-nonsense, and loving doctors I've ever met. Anyway, here's Cheryl at our retreat earlier this week in St. Charles. This picture in particular is one of my favorites...It's a picture of her "holding" her "want list."

Notice the 5 full flip charts that she's filled out? Those are the things that she wants to have an impact on, bring into her life, make happen and pay it forward with. That's quite a want list. What's also powerful is that those things on her want list have multiple positive ripple effects. She gave me permission to share this with you as I was struck by the power of this woman and her list. I was struck by who she had to be to allow herself to create it, where she had to allow herself to "go"...fully engaged, full permission, awake, and hungry. Here she is - arms wide - holding the power of want. And what's really cool is that this want list, will help her mission and vision manifest itself in even more powerful ways - so not only does she feel great, others benefit as well. The visual of her working on this list and then lined up against the wall with it is something I've imprinted in my heart and mind and will keep with me for a long long time. It all started with the simple question of "What do you want?" And it inspired this post. So let's talk about wanting...

Anese & Cheryl - Post Retreat Anese & Cheryl - Post Retreat

Ultimately every client or program participant who works with me can count on being asked THE "How bad do you want it?" question within about 15 minutes of us knowing each other...often less, and most often before they even get to the consult appointment with me. I've gotten to the point that if a person tells me they want "it" less than an 7 or an 8 on a scale of 0-10 (10 being highest), I'll suggest that we wait to work together. Abrupt? Not at all. I say it in service of the client, their time, energy and money, and in service of my time, energy and attention. If someone comes to me to make shifts in their own leadership or behaviors or wants to make a significant change in their lives, I want, and even need, them to really want it. (We joke that I can't want it more than they do.) Making sustainable changes can be difficult enough, even when the want dial is at an 8 out of 10... So getting clear on the reasons why they want something, and really how much - helps.

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Daring To Engage Gratitude - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Want to feel great AND create some positive impact? Try Gratitude.

I love gratitude and consider it a gift in my life. This month we have an extra special excuse to focus on what were grateful for. We get to hopefully be with family and friends who love us, we get to sit around the table and talk about what we're thankful for. We get to give knowing glances of gratitude to each other. It's a really cool holiday and one that can sweep you away with joy and gratitude if you let it.

It can also be a time of sadness and challenge for some people. The holidays can bring on all sorts of emotions. Regardless of how the holiday season impacts you, there is always something you can count on to help lift spirits and joy. It's free. There's no right way to do it. You can be incredibly generous with it. There is a limitless supply. It creates a powerful impact. It soothes the spirit. It's Gratitude.

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Engage Your Team - 7 Questions

It's here! We've just released our new product "7Questions You MUST Ask Yourself to Lead Your Team Well...And Get Things Done Quickly." For a free recording of the call, transcript and a quick start "cheat sheet" - sign in on the upper right hand corner of this blog (under my picture), with your name and email address, OR go to and sign in for your free report. Hope you enjoy it. The questions are simple, to the point and, when applied, indeed game changers.

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