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Strong Energy and Beliefs = Intended Outcomes

Simple leadership musings from the trenches: intended outcomes

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Is Your Organization Healthy? In Every Sense of the Word?

When people think of health, they tend to think of physical and emotional health. Energy, vitality, healthy eating, exercise, etc. are all very important things and something that I've been integrating into my leadership work with execs for years. But there's also the "organizational health" --- the health of the whole organization.

Of course there's the physical component and benefits - less lost time, injuries, health care costs, etc. but there's also the mental, spiritual and leadership component. If you look at the DTE Bootist Leadership® Model, and specifically "Tenet Three" of Bootism™ (to receive my latest publication please opt in on the right hand side), which is about "health, vitality and personal nourishment of the leader and organization," you'll see that creating a healthy organization means not only that you're attending to your own health, and your employees' health, but also to the health of your organization as a whole, its spirit, and relationships.

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Boots or Slippers in 2010?

So what will you focus on this year? Are you wearing "boots" or "slippers" in 2010? Now I'm all for a good pair of slippers when needed - I can appreciate chilling out, rest, even laziness, with the best of them - and I believe full heartedly that these all have a place in being the most effective human being and leader possible (Tenet 3: Energy & Vitality - "Bootists Check Out and Consciously Disengage"). That said, there's also great value in being conscious of when you're wearing slippers and really need to be wearing boots. Not telling you which is which, that's totally up to you, I AM however inviting you to be intentional about when and how you wear both. (After all, there's a reason the phrase goes: "slip slip sliding away...")

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Heads Up! Boots on? Bootist Leadership Retreat #2 around the bend…

Our retreat in July was so much fun and got such great feedback that we could hardly wait to do another one. The invitation and the website have just about all you need to know, take a look and if you’re ready to climb on, register fast. Space truly is limited, the group will be cozy to ensure a rich level of engagement and personal attention, and super early bird savings of $500 end on October 2nd.

Invitation here

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Bootist Retreat full of gems, gratitude, and the "secret sauce"...

Hi there! Well I'm 3 days post Bootist Retreat and heading to California for the week to work with clients. I thought I'd send out a note to thank all of you who sent so much love and support and curiosity our way this past weekend. Thank you! Your presence was felt, we had a great event, and I appreciate your support and enthusiasm more than words can express! In a nutshell --- it was fun and challenging and rewarding and invigorating, and personally speaking, just one giant cupcake and about 200 hugs (given and received!!)

bootist1On your left here is a picture of myself talking about creating a "CRISP Path" (congruent/ resonant/ intentional/set up for success/ and prioritized.) Standing with me is Terry Hickey, Master NLP Practitioner, who came in from Tucson to help "model" me (very cool methodology used to enhance experiential learning), to help the participants deepen their experience, and to support the Bootist Leadership™ Model using some fantastic tools and resources we designed for the course. We had a great time together!

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