The Positive Energy Workplace

5 Areas for Creating Cultural Health that Business Leaders  Can Use to Determine if They Have a Culture & Leadership Problem

My team and I have been both deep in the trenches with and also witness to many organizations going through big changes right now. There are several things, many very nuanced however VERY LOUD, to pay attention to in order to truly create organizational and cultural health NOW. In this video, I walk you through 5 of the ones that have us most excited to lean into right now.

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Self-care IS a leadership skill — but what about when the people around me don't agree?


Fresh off a keynote* last week where I talked about the IEP Method®, self-care as a leadership skill, and how our impact is dependent on our ability to lead our Intentions, Energy, and Presence, I received multiple questions from members of the audience. I love it when this happens. And I love it, even more, when I can answer the questions and share them here for more of our community to benefit from. 

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