#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Want it? Get it. Love it. Be it. Leadership in the trenches.

Random post about a lot of something and some of nothing. Random things that come up in the state of this thing we called being human. Common themes (with simple flips) that come up as the root of some of the most complex of problems for clients and their organizations. Try these on, which one's resonate? Which one's serve you? Which one's point to "No, not that, geeesh...but ah, Yes! definitely...that!"

Enjoy and happy Spring my beautiful friends and readers! xx

  • Want something? Create it.
  • Love someone? Tell them.
  • Have a complaint? Make a request.
  • Feel tired? Feed you mind, body, and spirit.
  • Not getting "enough?" Appreciate more.
  • Looking for someone to blame? Consider your contributions.
  • Getting in your own way? Get out.
  • Procrastinating? Dive in. (Make sure it's the right thing to dive into.)
  • Trust issues? Where are you not trust-able? (And/or what more info do you need?)
  • Want to be heard? Listen.
  • Want things to change? Be the change you want to see.
  • Want more impact? Play a bigger game.
  • Stuck in your head? Contribute out there.
  • Looking for validation? Validate.
  • Looking for appreciation? Appreciate.
  • Slow? Foggy? Not humming on all 8 cylinders? Work the model.

And yes, be kind. Be generous. Be grateful. Love on yourself. Do more good things. Zoom zoom.