Leadership Between the Lines

Dare to Keep it Simple: 3 Core Principles of Engagement for Peace & Resonance

This morning I was sitting with my kids, having breakfast, drinking my a.m. Joe, and catching up on a bit of email. It’s a gorgeous Monday morning out. And I was excited to cruise through email so that I could devote an entire day to creating content, wrapping up Power Pack audios, and writing. I love these mornings; they’re fresh, they provide a lot of inspiration, and I always have some new really simple but important “different lensed” insight emerge from having different space in the weekend. Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I got the gift of 4 hours to write and be, so I was particularly refreshed this morning.

As I reviewed client notes, I started to think about what my clients (self included here) deal with on a day to day basis, things/issues/solutions/ways of being that they may have learned as kids, but in the chaos of life, games, and politics, so easily get lost, buried and even forgotten. I often notice in my work that ironically most of what we really need to know as adults, was taught to us in elementary school and Human Goodness 101. I find this thought entertaining, sometimes saddening, and then almost always inspiring. Of course it gets more complex as we age and get into our lives, but not that much. Not that much if we keep it in perspective and stay true to ourselves. So I sat back, pulled out 3 key things that I believe are foundational to “being” and told my kids to look me in the eye, imprint my face in their psyche and remember these three points for the rest of their life…(no pressure now to make these “3 points” profound and significant with an intro like that!)

1. Be yourself
2. Tell the truth
3. See people as people.

“Yes Mom, but you always say that…” Somehow today when I said it it seemed simpler, cleaner and more important than ever. Not sure why, but it was there. So I said it.

Simple…so simple…but true…oh so true… What strikes me is how easily these things get lost and yet how easily they can be “pulled” back up again with some intention, care and focus. So today, if you so choose, take these three principles and apply them as they serve. See how anchoring 1-2-3 can support you in your decisions and create more peace and resonance in your life and leadership.