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Would you pay your people to quit?

It's an interesting concept. In yesterday's Chicago Tribune there was an article about Zappos.com and how they make sure they have the most engaged, committed and customer oriented employees...they pay them cash to quit. That's right, they literally give them the opportunity to "take the money and run" one week into their training with the company.

After the first week of new employee training, they offer new hires a good chunk of change to leave if they feel it's not the right fit. Interestingly enough, most people don't quit. They stick. And they like it. The impact: employees who are engaged, highly motivated and committed to their jobs, providing fantastic customer experiences. And that means greater revenue and profits which explains this organization's rapid growth and the attitude quoted by many of "You couldn't pay me to quit."

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Performance Improvement: Dare to Elevate Engagement

Did you know that 21% of the global workforce considers themselves actively engaged in their work right now (loyal, passionate, positive, enjoying their work)? 38% are actively disengaged (meaning they're complaining, bringing morale down or looking for another job). And the remaining 41% aren't sure where they stand. Wow!

Does that surprise you? Surprised me, but then not too much because I've watched chaos, scheduling, technology, travel and the demand for instant results increase dramatically over the years. We are busy! We can get a hold of each other in ways now that make one dizzy. Technology in many cases is replacing face-to-face contact. Travel on Sunday for a Monday morning meeting is becoming quite the norm. So, as an executive coach, it doesn't surprise me that we are bumping up against the following performance improvement challenges.

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Life Coaching Tips Revealed: How to Engage Your Power Source

Take time now to notice your personal energy. How are you feeling? Notice how present you feel in your body. Notice your posture, and whether or not you are tired. Just notice. Are you fuzzy? Are you clear? Are you joyful? Are you energized?

What impact does your physical and mental energy have on your ability to make decisions, get things done and engage with others? Does your energy and self-care make you feel like you are being your own hero, at work and at home? Does the way you care for yourself honor you and your work/life balance?

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Business Coaching Tip: Dare to be PRESENT - or what's the point?

As a business coach, I ask my clients, "Have you ever had any of these

~ You drive home from work and then don't remember how you got

~ You sit through a meeting or business coaching session and can't
account for what happened in the meeting, the outcome or the

~ You read a book to your child or grandchild and can't recall what
the book was about.

~ You work out and have so much mind chatter that you're not even
sure what muscles you were working.

~ You have a conversation with a colleague and miss the important
undercurrents of that discussion because your mind was elsewhere.

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Dare to Engage Personal Sustainability: The Lynchpin of Effective Leadership

If you are going to lead the way, you’re going to need some tools to support you on your path. Competence, instinct, inspiration, integrity, joy and the ability to engage people and create results are just a few of these things. There is something deeper. Often taken for granted, screaming for attention when it’s missing, foundational to all other qualities: “Personal Sustainability.” When you have it, you don’t notice it; when it’s borderline, you ache for it; and when it’s gone, you beg for it.

What is “personal sustainability?” Some executive coaching experts call it “self-care.” I define it as doing those things that bring your self alive, nurture your body and soul, give you more joy, energy, stamina and OOMPH, so you CAN engage again and again, making the impact you want in your life and organization.

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