#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Dare to Be-Do-Have...and Get Into Action

Right now in this economic and business climate we are inundated with information. Good information. Useless information. Hype. Not hype. Words of motivation. Words of dread. Words that inspire and make you want to make your business and life better than ever before. And words that may make you want to pull your covers over your head and "wait" until all this grief and recession stuff is over.

What to do with all this information overload? How can it help us? How can we move through it as effectively as possible? Two things come to mind (and course there are more!)

1) Check your mindset,

2) Get into - and stay -in action.

So let's do that here....

Mindset Check: Whatever the information is that you are taking in and choosing to absorb - remember the "be-do-have" rule. Who you be (and what you believe, the thoughts you think), impacts what you do, which impacts what you have.

For example: Getting caught in the mindset of fear and "it's going to be really hard," impacts what you DO, which ultimately impacts the result you'll create (what you have.) You can create a downward spiral, just with your thoughts. And, good news...vice versa, you can spiral up. If you take a look around, find the gifts and opportunities in this economy and believe that you will pull through this just fine (and even better despite adversity), your actions can follow suit, reflecting mindset, and ultimately a better result can be created.

This doesn't mean it's all perfect or easy, it takes time and discipline. And just in case you maybe thinking this is a bit naive or pollyanna-ish - I totally understand. I invite you to simply consider what's possible AND consider the alternative. Which mindset will be more productive and "life giving"? Which mindset will inspire your team and engage customers?

Bottom line: Our thoughts, the way we think about things and the lens we "look" through, impact our actions and the results we create. Which is cool. So honor those feelings, have your emotions - fully - authentically - give yourself the permission you need to be stressed (scared, angry, etc.), and then decide what changes you want to make. DECIDE what and who you will BE. DECIDE what you will do. And then HAVE what you create.

Which brings me to point #2: IMPLEMENT. Get into action. It's not enough to read this post, think it's a good idea (or not), and then sit on it. Gotta DO something with it.

ACTION: Make it real...Take one area where you're feeling stuck or powerless (and you want to shift that) and do the "be-do-have" exercise. Where HAVE you been in your "be-do-have" equation? Ready? Now, decide right now, in this moment, the following: 1) What you will believe (find a belief that will support you), 2) What you will DO to support that belief and move it forward, and 3) what you will create (there's that vision thing again - the clearer you are here, the easier this gets!) No ifs ands or buts here...hop to. The opportunities are out there.

Play with it and let me know what you find...I'm listening!

Be-Do-Have...Enjoy your day. //ac