#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Dare to be YOUNIQUE

This morning I had a friend of mine say “Thank you for being you…” My response? “Thanks! I work hard at it!” Afterwards I started thinking about this – because that statement is a bit counter intuitive and counter cultural. Because it should be easy to just be me. It’s all I have to do. In fact, usually people would say “just be yourself – it’s easiest – you don’t have to be anyone else, just be you.” I agree. We can only be ourselves. We’re our best selves. I’m my best version of me (at least I try to be), you’re you…we’re us. No duplicates. Just be….So I’m in agreement, think it’s a total waste of energy and time to try and be someone you’re not, am thrilled that we’re all as unique (or “younique” – pun intendd) as we are. It’s great!

That said, here’s where it is hard and actually work to “just be me” or to “just be you.” (Of course, I won’t speak for you, but use it as it serves.) Just being me actually requires an intention and focus and commitment to staying true to me. To honoring my values. To asking for what I want and need. To say “yes” when I mean yes and “no” when I mean no. To diving deeper into me and what these things mean for me truly. To be aware of my impact and my stuff and to do whatever I want and need to do with it. To do the work….And it goes on and on. It can be easy to get off course, go unconscious and go with the norm, leaving ourselves, because it’s easier. It can be easy to try to be someone else, because they’re already them so we can just adopt a behavior or characteristic instead of creating our own. (Not to say that modeling, learning, benchmarking, stretching into desired characteristics and behaviors, etc. are bad – I think they’re great and highly useful when used consciously.)

Just food for thought today, if you would like to take a bite. Where are you being fully you? Where is it easy? Where is it hard? Where have you perhaps given up a piece of it in “going with the flow?” What’s one area you want to lean into being “more of you?” Even the smallest thing brings us closer to ourselves. The closer we are to ourselves, the better we are in our lives, relationships and organizations.