#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Dare to Stay Engaged Through Extreme Self-Care!

For you to be your most effective self, to be on your cutting edge, and to think clearly - what do you need? What kind of self-care do you want to engage in to help set yourself up to be the best instrument of change possible? How can you increase your energy, stamina and vitality? What boundaries may you want to initiate? What practices may you want to engage? This is something you can decide for yourself, I can make suggestions, but what's important here is that it resonates for you, and you feel good doing it. Commit to some kind of self-care starting TODAY. Right now, what are you going to do to treat yourself extra well? Mind, body and soul? This can be a commitment to clean eating, exercise, making a list of 25 things you LOVE to do (and then doing at least 2 of them a day - the "25 things to do" exercise is from Jack Canfield, by the way), body work, dance, skin care, white space, a weekend away, etc. Whatever works for you, make self-care a priority, pull it to the front; you, your organization and the people around you will benefit. (If you would like more information on more ways to do this, check out our "Engage Your Inner H.E.R.O." Product or "Lead Your Energy" Paper - both address self-care and its impact on leadership.)

This is a tip from the complete article on "How to Stay Engaged with a Positive Mindset"