#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Got Gratitude? Lead with it...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm getting ready to sign off for a couple of days of family, food, fun, movies, games, some nice runs along the river, and some "me" time. Every year, with gratitude being one of my favorite energy producing leadership and connection tools, I write something about it for my clients and subscribers. This year I'm sharing it on the blog as well. All I can say is this...if you've got gratitude, lead with it. If you don't think you do, look for it. And if you aren't doing so, express it. And soon. And more. After all as Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) once said "Silent gratitude isn't very much use to anyone."

If you’d like the full article (as well as additional articles) make sure you opt in on the box on the right. In the meantime, enjoy the poem below. Thanks for being here, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and let’s get ready for 2010. "See" you next week!

Leading With Gratitude Poem - Anese Cavanaugh

Leading with Gratitude

Through our life it's important to know,

The people and events that have helped us grow.

These events have challenged us, sometimes taken us to task,

And to get through them, of leadership, we have often been asked.

They maybe simple, or entirely complex,

They maybe fleeting, or a lifetime of events.

Whatever the case there's a gift to be had,

Whether we view the situation as terrific or bad.

For being called to lead is a gift in itself,

We can lead through the challenge - or put it on the back shelf.

Authenticity, courage, engagement and play,

Are things that can help us everyday.

Gratitude, conviction, honesty and trust,

Are more than qualities, an absolute must.

For in leadership, the situations and people that challenge us most,

Are one's that bring the greatest gifts, and ask us to get close:

"Close" to our awareness, strengths, heart and courage,

"Close" to hanging in there and "staying" even when discouraged.

And gratitude is that special gift that helps us step up to the test,

Lead with gratitude, appreciate the challenge, and give "it's hard" a rest.

The power is in thanking the challenge for coming into your life - and then finding the learning.

And you can rest assured, that whatever the case,

it will be much more powerful then churning.

Thank the people who are in your life, for all the gifts they bring,

No matter who they are to you, gratitude will make both spirits sing.

Be it a colleague or a confidante, a brother or a sister,

a parent or an in-law, a friend or a great listener,

a team mate or a direct report, a mentor or a "boss",

a champion, an advocate, a naysayer, or even "person cross",

find the gifts, take the good and bad, look for that secret sauce,

lead with gratitude, keep it real, and you will never be at a loss.

So when the going gets tough, work your stuff,
Discover what's true for you.
Lead your energy, hold your space, you'll know what to do.

Stay strong, stay true, lead your attitude,

And when in doubt, step on out,
and lead with gratitude.

Copyright © 2007-2010. Anese Cavanaugh. All rights reserved.