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It’s all about leverage and connection! DTE articles published in tng worldwide magazine…

It abruptly dawned on me today that I’ve been “holding out” on my list in sharing one of the ways we’re (DTE) leveraging ourselves with others to share our articles and information. Being that “leverage” and “connection” are two of my primary values, I’m surprised I didn’t share this yet, but then again, that’s common with “invisible values” (those values that are so close to you, you just take them for granted.) Anyway, here’s the scoop and ways you can get access to more information and learn about another cool publication!

This past year I set the intention to leverage myself more so that my company could have more impact and connect more with other like-minded business leaders in the simplest, most congruent, and most energy efficient ways possible. Lots has happen this year to help me manifest that intention! One of the ways it’s shown up is in the invitation, earlier this year, to be a regular contributor to tng worldwide magazine. They’ve been publishing these articles for the last 3 issues now and have been wonderful to work with. You can find all of these articles, and more, on our “news” page. Articles include topics such as “Dare to Create Opportunity” (especially apropos right now), “Dare to Elevate Engagement” (another good one), and “Dare to Eliminate Gossip” (never goes out of style…) Check them out, I hope you find them helpful! By the way, if you’d like to learn more about tng worldwide read more here…

tng worldwide magazine is a trade-publication for small-business owners and entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. The mission of tng worldwide magazine is to enhance business expertise through practical tips and the hottest trends presented by experts in all aspects of business ownership and leaders in the professional beauty industry. For more information on tng worldwide magazine, visit tngworldwide.com/magazine.

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