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Leadership in a Minute: Ownership - YES, Gossip - NO

This is a continuation of the on-going list of 17 "acts" for authentic living, sustainable leadership, and simply "getting out of your own way" that started on January 14th, click here to read that post.

5. Ownership is key. Own your life. Own your impact. Leave blame at the door. Be aware of situations where you get tempted to place blame on others for something that has, or has not happened, in your business, your life, your relationships… One of the first steps to healing is ownership. When we own our outcomes, and our part in them, we can actually do something about them.

6. Gossip is no bueno. 3rd/4th/5th party information and gossip is dangerous, painful, and pretty much never accurate. Get your information from the source. Be aware of 2nd, 3rd (or even 4th!) hand information, and on the flip side, even more aware of how your information may be relayed (with even the best of intent.) Don't engage in gossip. Check your assumptions at the door. Go so far to even assume positive intent in those whose paths you cross. Watch out for "he said, she said…"

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