Leadership Between the Lines

The "number 1" most important quality in leadership...

What do you consider to be the number 1, most important quality in leadership? If you could have only one quality, take only one quality "with you", what would it be? No right or wrong answers here, just curiosity. Whatever is true for you is what makes you...you.

top leadership qualities as shared by creative leaders & innovators

I posed this question to one of my executive groups this past month on LinkedIn. The response was diverse and inspiring. The picture here reflects their collective responses with the biggest words having the greatest "weight" in response.

The majority of these responses were from senior leadership, founders, and executives in creative organizations (design & innovation related) who are committed to creating cultures of authenticity, leadership, reciprocity, and collaboration. I thought the themes were interesting. It also made me want to throw it out there to others in broader industries to see if we get similar answers or a whole new batch, and if so, why?

Chime in, what's your #1 (feel free to add a #2 and #3) - give me some good stuff to work with and perhaps I'll make a new picture(s)!

Happy reflection! Dive in...

BTW, I have two groups devoted to creating authentic leadership, healthy collaboration, and greater impact through creativity, contribution, and a bit of my "secret sauce". If you're interested in being involved in one of these groups, and you're a creative leader in the design, innovation, or entrepreneurial space, let me know! Please send us a note, with your LinkedIn profile link and direct email, and we'll get you set up in the best group for you.