#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Using words to support you in 2011

Happy New Year everyone! I find myself surprised that we're already heading into week 2 of 2011, and I find myself not at all surprised that I have 8 articles I want to write, and all at once. One of my personal goals this year is to be more intentional, more deliberate, more succinct - not just in writing or speaking, but in how I live my life, run my business, work with clients, share information, take care of my body, have fun. Intentional. Deliberate. Succinct. These words, for me, all have a clean feel to them. A feeling of intentionality and clarity and strength. I can sense that they will be my friends in 2011.

As I write this post, randomly, words like "decide", "new beginnings", "mantras", "promises to self", "awake", "joy", and even, oddly, "theme songs" come to mind. Themes and words are powerful. They can support and give us clarity and power. They can also weaken us and send us on a downward spiral. Pretty random, right? And if you think about it, super important.

As I think of my words here (intentional, deliberate, succinct), I want to be intentional about what I write as the first post on this blog for 2011. Of course I want to say something super brilliant, and I'm going to go with the simplicity of intentional. So my intention with this post is to connect and say Happy New Year. It is also to invite you to be wide awake to what you are stepping into. It's to invite you to think - very intentionally - about what you - in your heart of hearts - want, and what will support you this year...not only in general, but in the way of words.

Think about the words you use. What words are you using to describe the year you're stepping into? What's your theme for this year? What are you devoting 2011 to? What are you doing for yourself? For your business? For your relationships? What word(s) are you leaning into? Words are personal. Words are powerful. Use them wisely.

A random post? Yes, and...Enjoy your words. :-)