#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

What do you gather evidence for?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Our brains are amazing. We can gather evidence for anything.

We just relocated back to the West Coast this past year. I've met a lot of new people. New businesses. New causes.

Taken on some new clients. Started some new programs. Had a lot of fun. Come upon some new challenges (both delicious and not-so-great.) There are themes. Always themes. Doesn't matter if we're a CEO, a teacher, a doctor, an attorney, a janitor, a stay-at-home-mom/dad...We're all human beings having a spiritual experience right?

There are themes.

Today's theme? Evidence gathering and storytelling. Because while I could write about them separately. They're totally linked. And they both impact energy. Let's go...

The story I tell myself about my life, a relationship, a current situation, etc., is the story that beautifully - or not - designs me. It serves me. Or it doesn't. It supports me. Or it doesn't. It amps up my energy positively. Or it tanks it.

It's my story.

The evidence I gather feeds that story. The story I tell, feeds the evidence. It's a virtuous cycle or not.

For example, if I tell the story that I have great people in my life...I'll find evidence to support it. And I'll nurture those relationships more intentionally. My energy is likely open, expansive, inviting, light (not only do I feel good here; I'll attract more great people here too!) If I tell the story that I am capable and committed to creating some outcome...I'll find evidence to support that. And I'll be in action - though perhaps not perfect - to create it. My energy hums and grows.

And it works the other way too.

If I tell myself the story that people are bad, they're judging me, they're out to get me, they're crabby, whatever...I'll find evidence to support it. And my energy will likely be tight, judgmental, restrictive (note: all the things I'm probably judging others for btw.) If I tell myself the story I can't do it, I'm a failure, it never works, I'm not worthy, whatever...guess what? And the non-virtuous cycle of pain continues.

What story are you telling yourself?

What's the evidence you gather to support it?

How's it all working for you?

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