Leadership Between the Lines

Leadership super power "vitamin e: exhilaration"

I'm working on a couple of articles right now - one on "leadership vitamins". Yep.

Vitamin E has been on my mind this week - there are several forms of it; exhilaration, energy, education, engagement...

To me these all blend. (My proprietary blend is LV-E6.) And what I find is that it's not just about taking, or experiencing the "vitamin" that's important, but rather about how you USE it (for good) which seems to amplify the vitamin's potency. Let's take "exhilaration"...

Exhilaration...the thing that gets you juiced up, excited, ready to roll, maybe thrilled, maybe terrified, heart racing in a skippity light kind of way. Juicy. There's an "unknown" to it.

I feel it as I'm heading into a long weekend of working with a bunch of really smart fellow business leaders (many of whom I've never met) and stepping into a new master mind with entrepreneurs focused on creating contribution and purpose through their businesses (more on this later, right now I'm in exhilaration penting up mode.) I'm using it to be awake, grounded, and intentional.

I felt it yesterday heading up to the top floors of a client's very very tall and beautiful building in SF overlooking the bay (with Monday's earthquake in mind) as I thought about how blessed I am to do work I love and create impact that ripples. I used it to feel good, stay present and be in service of.

I felt it as I "danced" with a couple of founders to help them create magic and respect in their relationship, leadership and ultimately their organization. Butterflies, gratitude and awe. I used it to work on my edge, tell the truth, and come from love.

I felt it, driving up the driveway, coming home last night, simply anticipating tucking my kids into bed - just thinking of their cute little faces, their sleepy breath, their murmur of "hi mom." And how lucky I am that I get to be called "mom". (I used it to breathe.)

I feel it now.

Here's what I notice about exhilaration - it gives us an edge. It keeps us awake. It adds value. It sometimes has to be created. It serves. It reminds.

I also notice that a great place to access it, is in gratitude. And another place, in service.

Where are your spots of exhilaration? Where do you go, within yourself, to tap into that energy? How does it serve you - and those you serve? Take a peek. And use it.