#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

The Mystery (and Simplicity) of Engagement...

How do you keep your team engaged? How do you personally stay engaged? In your work? At home? In your personal life? In your fitness regime? It’s easy to “check out”…especially with so many competing demands. So how do you stay “fully engaged?”


I had a meeting yesterday with a colleague who shared with me that she “didn’t like how something was going, so she changed it.” That simple. The simplicity of her statement reminded me of how often we unconsciously (or consciously) build it up to be something so much bigger than it is, and the simple idea of “just changing it” gets lost/taken for granted.


Sometimes it is just that simple. We find ourselves feeling disengaged (or notice that someone on our team is less than engaged) and we can either continue the trend; wonder “why”, make stuff up, create more disengagement, throw in the towel, OR we can simply change it. Ask questions. Get curious. Change it.


Something not working for you in your life? Change it.


A team member or direct report not engaged? Change something.


Change one little thing. Name the “disengagement.” Get involved. Ask how you can be helpful. Make a shift.


Sometimes just asking the question (of yourself or other) creates the shift.


What if it could actually be that simple? Imagine that…