#ShowingUp with Anese Cavanaugh

Lead/beek/run – 3: Peace lives in presence & neutrality

I got my lead/beek/run "aha" this a.m. before I even stepped into the hot room. Driving in I noticed how neutral I was feeling. Neutral and present and calm. Open to whatever the morning brought; in everything from the morning class, to the morning client calls, to the morning run (yes, it's time to start amping up my running), and the morning projects (I am in the middle of a big project, which you will soon see the fruits of on this blog.)

This place of neutrality felt…peaceful. There was nothing in my head. No stories, no chatter, no "making stuff up", no stuff. Just presence. And what I got in that moment, at a whole new level than I've ever experienced or taught, is that peace not only comes in presence – it comes in neutrality. The impact of this space on my practice this a.m. was that I wasn't worried about the heat. I wasn't even worried about the next posture, or even the next minute. I just was. (Until I wasn't, because who am I kidding if I'm going to tell you I stay present and neutral 100% of the time? Not!) The impact on the rest of the morning thus far has been similar…

I can talk more on this, I likely will in a future post. And for now, I'm going to enjoy this space and head out for my run from this place. I'll let you know how it goes.

For those craving a business inquiry or leadership application from this "lead/beek/run" aha, I'd offer you this this morning: Notice the "noise"/your internal chatter/your angst about "whatever", notice what you're attached to, let it go (it's likely highly out of your control and being attached will not get you there faster or more efficiently or inspirationally), breathe, take a step back, and find that space of neutrality and presence. Get into your body. Be here right now. Breathe. And from here you'll know better what to do next.

Happy Monday all!